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Find the hat that complements your personality – Crucial guidelines to follow

Your style speaks volumes about you. Everything you wear sends a message to others about you – the shoes you put on, the clothes you wear, and the accessories you choose. And each person has a unique personality. Hence, style and fashion are some of the ideal ways to express your personality. One accessory that most people overlook but which can enhance your style is a well-fitted hat. Other than helping you to make a style statement, it is also functional. 

The evolution of hats to reveal individual style

Hats have been a part of every culture. It used to provide security against the sun and harsh elements. It also denoted an individual’s status. Particular hats got worn by people of a higher or wealthy class. However, when you look at places such as Ancient Greece, the wide-brimmed hats and the big hats for men were mainly used to protect people from the sun’s scorching rays. 

With time, the style changed as well. And gradually, people started to wear hats primarily for their functionality and sometimes for style. And the look and feel of the hats started becoming more elaborate. There were times when the hat material and style denoted a person’s wealth and social standing. Back in the 16th century, a few hats got styled using ostrich feathers, which was a clear sign of wealth. 

The new-age hats

Currently, most men wear hats to add to their style as the materials are accessible. Today, you can contact some of the best online hat makers and ask them to customize the best hat that caters to your requirements and style preferences. You don’t always have to head to the hat maker’s store and request the best hat that fits your face and personality. And you will always come across a hat that matches your personality. 

You can also choose from the following hat styles:

  • The baseball cap 

Athletes mostly wear this hat. But today, the baseball caps have been worn by many men across the United States. The primary purpose of the cap is to keep your head and eyes secure from the sun’s rays and also act as a styling accessory. Typically, the baseball cap gets customized so that it comprises personal branding, logo, names, and initials. You can also come across different variants such as the slightly curved bill, curved bill, and flat bill. These variations enable better customization choices. You can opt-in for the curved bill to rest your sunglasses. 

If you love the baseball cap, then you are outdoorsy and sporty. People who love this hat are usually into the casual dressing and are laid back. If you love to dress in a hip-hop style, this is the best hat choice for you. For some people, a baseball cap is a sign of wealth and at times of rebellion. In its entirety, a person who loves the baseball cap is usually calm and collected and loves to go with the flow of life. 

  • The wide-brimmed hat

The wide-brimmed, floppy has been a huge success for several years. You can customize these hats as per your requirements. That aside, you can also look extravagant and chic in these hats. The primary purpose of this hat is to keep people secured from the sun’s rays. The hat has a long brim which makes it a perfect hat option for summer days. 

If you plan for a beach vacation or outing, then wide-brimmed hats are the best option for your headwear. You can also sport the wide-brimmed hats during the winter months, as it gets made of wool and sometimes other heavy materials. Irrespective of the time of the year, once you put on a wide-brimmed hat, it projects you as stylish. If you love the wide-brimmed hats, it indicates that you are someone who loves to count on recent trends and make a style statement. 

  • The fedora hat

If you read about the fedora hat, you will know that it made its appearance in the 1800s and witnessed quick and massive success because celebrities started opting for this hat style. So, if you decide to opt-in for the fedora, it will be because of its functionality and the style it brings in. Men across different cultures and ages have worn this hat to denote sophistication and class. There was a time when this hat indicated a feminist symbol, as it highlighted resistance against gender roles. 

The fedora hat gets made from leather, straw, fabric, and felt. It enables you to make a great style statement. So, if you love to wear the fedora, you love the style and want to come across as a fashionable person. You also love to sport a vintage look. 

Now that you are aware of the stylish hats and what they can reveal about you, choose one that fits your personality. 


Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal