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Ferrada Wheels

What’s so Special about the Range of Ferrada FR4 Wheels?

Ferrada Wheels is one of the biggest names in the aftermarket and custom rim markets of the United States. In fact, Ferrada has been catching up all across some of the world’s biggest custom wheel markets in countries like Japan and Korea as well. The brand has successfully managed to dislodge XIX Wheels, a major player in this highly competitive niche, off its pedestal and has taken the lead.

Ferrada has managed to achieve some impressive growth numbers thanks to its magnificent models. These arrive in several categories and have propelled the brand ahead of other leaders like Varro Wheels.

Ferrada has managed to achieve the right chord between expressive and aggressive performance and affordability. They have always followed in the hallowed footsteps of big-time players like Fuel and Petrol rims and have launched a range of products which are as good as they come.

This brings us to the FR4 range. This is currently one of the flagship Ferrada Wheels models and has a number of members. All of these models have a rather concave design and have a very unique take on the 10-spoke design. Very few models manufactured by Varro Wheels or other rivals have 10 spokes in any case; this is a cosmetic advantage in its own right.

The FR4 range is also one of the costliest sets that the company manufactures. Unlike the XIX Wheels families, these rims start from at least $2000 for a set of 4. Balancing and alignment will often come for free, but the starting price can be a bummer for many customers.

But what makes these rims so successful? Here are a few reasons.

Why are Ferrada FR4 rims so popular?

Ferrada FR4 Wheels

Here are a few reasons why you can go for these fantastic beasts without missing a beat.

  • Enhanced style options: The FR4 family is one of the handful of custom wheel families which have a 10-spoke wheel option available. Even some of the best in the business like Varro and Fuel only have 8-spoked wheels. With ten spokes, your custom rim will definitely make a pretty loud style statement in a sea of imitators. 

The company has cashed in on the novelty value of these fantastic custom rims in a lot of different ways. For example, Ferrada Wheels is one of the few companies which has a tie-up with Camaro and Pontiac vehicles. These cars are often seen outfitted with Ferrada rims and that is a style statement in itself.

  • Superior engineering: These are forged wheels designed and made in the United States. Unlike what some people suggest, Ferrada Wheels are 100% American. These are forged from very high-grade aluminum and their advanced technology helps manufacture some of the best rims in the market.

The novel element here is that the unlike Varro Wheels, Ferrada uses only a specific composition of aluminum and other alloys to reach their sweet spot. 

This is a technological marvel in itself. If you are planning on investing a substantial sum of money in a set of custom wheels that will last for several years and will also increase your vehicle’s resale value, always go for high-end companies like Ferrada Wheels, Fuel, or Petrol and so on.

  • Better room for customization: With 10 spokes, you will have ample room to play around. You can easily affix bigger disc brakes on all your 4 wheels, if you feel like it. You can also purchase any color scheme and they will inevitably turn up to look incredibly great. These are some of the other points that even XIX Wheels, a forward-looking company, misses out on.

You can choose from the vast color finishes and lip finishes that the company has on offer. Ferrada’s FR4 range has some of the most aggressive lip finishes you will find in this country and you can experiment with these looks as often as you like. 

  • Off-roading possible: Not many are aware of this but the FR4 family of custom rims are fully ready for off-roading. Yes, this is one of the biggest advantages that these Ferrada Wheels provide. You can use them to great use in the suburbs and the city if you like. Also, if you are planning to go down the road less-taken, you can always go for these glittering monsters.

Furthermore, these rims are available in 3 diameters- from 19 to 21-inches. This makes them accessible to almost all kinds of cars that ply in the United States.

Summing up

One disadvantage you are likely to encounter is that Ferrada Wheels do not have too many distributors. But you can always log on to their official website and make a purchase online without a hitch.

Always buy a new set; it is a bad idea to mix older and new rims. 

Have a great riding experience with the FR4 range.

Muhammad Asad Raza