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Features of a Good Screen Recorder App

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Various things happen on a person’s smartphone screen. You might be watching videos or looking for a good screen recorder app. You may also be scrolling through your Twitter and need to record and share it with someone. During all these times, you need a good screen recorder app. The best screen recorder app has features like customer support that resolves any of your issues visually and accurately. It also has features for learning and development through which you can create training videos for your staff.

You can also use the app to generate campaign reports or creative pitches. Additionally, you can give product demos, share your thoughts and review products. The following are some of the top features of a good screen recorder app. You can use them to choose a suitable app for yourself. 

Simple and Easy User Interface

You certainly don’t want to work with an app with a complex user interface. That’s why one of the prominent features of a great screen recorder app is clean and straightforward UI. If that user interface is entirely free of ads, it’s a plus point. You don’t need much to start recording. It can be accomplished with a single button click. The simple user interface makes adding logos, pictures, and text effortless. Moreover, such an application also is equipped with tools like a notemaker and video trimmer. Damp Proofing Contractor & Dry Rot Treatment London

Provision of Customisations and Settings

The app should provide a ton of customisations and settings to record the phone’s screen. Ideally, the customisations should have resolution options that range from 240p to 1080p. It also has different frame rates that range from 24FPS to 60FPS. The app also has options for recording external and internal audio and touches. Moreover, it also provides options to help you avoid accidental shaking and touches. You can also produce a time-lapse video of your screen. It also gives you the capacity to resume and pause the video. 

Live Streaming 

A screen recorder app built with live streaming is a great option. You can use it to record videos and broadcast. So, you can add as many displays and cameras as your PC can handle. Such an app also allows you to make customisable ‘studios’ and predetermine video and audio configurations. 

The audio and video presets prevent any requirements to deal with any settings while streaming a live video. It also has nearly 80 platforms in its live streaming menu, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Additional Audio Recorder Functionality

One of the most compelling features found in a good screen recorder app is the option to record audio related to it additionally. You can find recording icons and an easily navigable menu. The controls are always easy to use and understand. The app also provides for customisations like the resolution. You can modify the bit rate, FPS, and many other things. It’s easy to record videos in the range of 240p to 1080p. 

There are many features of a good screen recorder app, so you should explore those that meet your specific needs. The best screen recorder apphas an adjustable webcam widget, which you can drag anywhere on the screen and resize at any point while recording. The app allows you to collaborate with your viewers as they can comment on your recording. You can join the conversation, raise, reply to a question, or drop a link. All these features facilitate better communication and awareness of your service.

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