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Factors to Examine Before Investing in an Air Purifier

woman sleep with Air purifier in cozy white bed room for filter and cleaning removing dust PM2.5 HEPA in home,for fresh air and healthy life,Air Pollution Concept

Covid-19 significantly changed the landscape of everyone’s lives – personally and professionally. One of the most annoying things it caused is the consistent marks of the mask on faces. Now one wants to go home, sprawl on the couch and breathe easy.

One thing that can help you breathe easy in the houses of Australia, for sure, is investing in an air purifier.

To get the best air purifier in Australia, here is a list of essential parameters you can consider before purchasing!


A good filter can make or break the efficiency of an air purifier. It’s undoubtedly one of the essential parts of any air purifier. 

So, before going ahead with one, check if the HEPA and EPA filters are installed. These filtered layers are the unsung heroes of the air purifier, keeping the harmful PM10 and PM2.5 particles at bay. 


Air purifiers come with an indicator that can either be light-based or colour-based. These indicators alert you about the air quality of your room/house. The indicator may display fluctuating pollutant levels or red, orange, and blue colour indications depending on air quality. It helps you assess the indoor air quality in real-time.

Room Size

When looking for the best air purifier in Australia, it’s essential to keep the dimensions of your room in mind. A smaller room begs for a small purifier device. You may require a giant air purifier for a more expansive space, like a living room. 

If the air purifier is not appropriate for the room size, it will waste energy and be ineffective.

Look out for the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) to understand the efficacy of an air purifier. Most air purifier companies will also mention the ideal room size for each model.

Filter Cleaning

Like any other device, say water purifier or vacuum cleaner, an air purifier filter needs regular cleaning and replacement. Hence, it is imperative to be mindful about how easy (or not) it is to dismount, clean and change the filter.

This is one task that you might often do on your own. So, it becomes crucial that the replacement process is not arduous.

Noise and Power

The following important factor is considering how much and what kind of power your chosen air purifier needs. Since the device might be running for most of your day, it’s also vital that the air purifier not make harsh noises. Otherwise, it could disturb the elderly, infants and pets.

Easy App Connectivity

In this technological age, the air purifier must have a supporting app that it can connect to. This will give you effortless access to control the air purifier’s features right from your home. 

So, even if you’re not at home, you can make the air purifier work or stop accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Stats reveal that the Australian air purifier market is projected to reach a glorious $46 million by 2025. The air quality is degrading, health issues are on a constant rise, and most of all, the crowd is waking up to alarming concerns. Industrial and commercial institutions specifically prefer this product to clean the air around them because clean air around the workers increases their productivity and prevents them from being affected by airborne diseases.

Getting an air purifier becomes significant for your and your family’s sake in the given situation. Remember the factors mentioned above, and you are sure to make an excellent purchase.