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Facebook message sent but not delivered
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Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered? Here’s Why

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that’s utilized by millions of users all over the world. A lot of users complain that their Facebook message is sent but not delivered.

In this case, It’s easy to think that you have been blocked by your friend on Facebook if you find yourself in this circumstance. There are numerous other reasons why your Facebook messages are sent but not delivered, while this might be a reason why your Facebook messages remain undelivered.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at a few of these reasons. Let us take a look at it.

Why Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered


There are many reasons why your facebook message sent but not delivered. In this, we have find out several clear reasons why this problem happen. A number of the most common ones include the following:

  • On the recipient side, It may be a server problem, an online issue, a settings issue, or something similar.
  • It can also happen that the recipient has just deliberately ignored your message
  • There could be some flaws between the minute that you send the message along with the moment when the recipient opens (although they have received the message).
  • The recipient can be connected to Facebook, but simply not actively searching through their messages to see yours.
  • It may be a problem or if you send a message to an individual that is not your Facebook friends/ Messenger contacts, then your messages get in a Message Requests folder and your message will be indicated as delivered when the other person has accepted it.
  • A slow internet connection on your end will also have a delay in update the condition of the message.
  • The receiver might have read your message in the notification or status bar, but the program won’t mark it as delivered or seen until the receiver actually opens the conversation with you.

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What exactly does it mean if a message is sent but not delivered?

In short, it means you should not despair, there’s still hope! There is a small gap between a sent message and a delivered message, and it depends upon the action performed by the recipient.

Namely whether they accept the message and read it, or whether they push it aside. No the explanation can be either human or technical. Notably your message got through to the recipient, however they did not read this, or that the message has not been really received by them yet in their own side.

You may also not be able to send messages to a person who has blocked you on Messenger or Facebook. Here is how you can know if a person has blocked you from sending messages to him/her.

How to Know if Somebody has Blocked You On FB Messenger

How to Know if Somebody has Blocked You On Facebook Messenger

When you send a message to someone and if it fails to deliver  and returns” This person Isn’t available right now”, its consideration that account has been deactivated or You’ve been blocked by him her.

Facebook messenger has gone beyond its humble start as it now boasts an assortment of functionalities, offering users the ability to send or receive cash/money, play games as well as request for crucial services like Uber or even Lyft. However, the Facebook messages appeared although not Delivered issue frequently misleads people to think they have been blocked by their friends or families.


Facebook messaging is the most popular feature that is used mostly around the globe. This article cover-ups all the main reasons why did your Facebook message sent but not

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