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Everything you need to know about Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas is a globally known music publishing company that has been in business for over 40 years. Not only do they include high-quality sound effects, but you can also modify them to fit the specific requirements of the films you create. For the purpose of enhancing videos, the service provides sound effects that are available for download or for purchase as CD-ROM or hard drive content.

They have contributed to the creation of unique sound effects libraries for Lucasfilm, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Turner Entertainment, and Jay Ward Productions which created the animated series Rocky and Bullwinkle. Due to the great track record they have, there is no need for you to be concerned about the sound quality.

The Foundation

In the year 1978, Brian Nimens established his company in the city of Toronto, in the country of Canada. In the beginning, it was only a 4-track studio since Brian knew that in order to be successful in the music business, he needed to establish a clientele. In the early 1980s, he swiftly shifted his attention to copy sales as the primary emphasis of his business. The library first generated reel-to-reel tape at 7 ½  IPS and 15 IPS since the audio quality was superior to that of vinyl record albums. In 1985, the company’s collection was the first of its kind to be made accessible as a sound effects library on a compact disc. More than 200,000 sound effects are now accessible for use in the creation of multimedia, broadcast, and feature films and may be found on the library’s collection of more than 250 CDs.

From the very beginning, Sound Ideas was one step ahead of the competition; yet, when technological advancements occurred, they were forced to become even more innovative in order to continue operating successfully. They worked swiftly to convert all of the audio into digital downloads, which could be obtained from their website or by purchasing a hard drive.

Top-Notch Collection

The flagship collection offered by Sound Ideas is called “The General HD,” and it contains 49,580 high-definition sound effects that are supplied on a hard drive. The Super Hard Drive Combo, which is their most extensive collection, has more than 400,000 sound effects that may be accessed through a hard drive. The positive aspect is that both of them feature a broad selection of sound effects that come with an international license and may be added to the soundtracks of movies, television programs, video games, and other types of media applications during the post-production process. On their website, you’ll find further information about them that you may read.

Start exploring Sound Ideas if you’re a low-budget video maker who doesn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a license so you can add professional-quality sound effects and ideas. When it comes to high-quality, royalty-free production music, nobody does it better than Sound Ideas. Make use of their website’s extensive music collection to discover the ideal ambiance score for your film.