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Everything you need to know about refurbished gadgets

The market for refurbished goods has seen significant growth in the past years. It is beneficial for both the sellers as well as the buyers. The concept of refurbishment serves the technological demands in a cost-effective manner. People can purchase basic and premium gadgets such as the Samsung galaxy s20 refurbished at more affordable rates to fulfil their requirements. Increased usage of refurbished items also adds to the environmental well-being in several ways. The prolonged usage of any electronic gadget will eventually reduce the landfill burden. 

It is often misconstrued that refurbished items and second-hand items are the same. Well, they are two completely different items.  A second-hand or pre-owned item is a used product that is available for sale. It can be in good or average condition. These are sold directly by the owners to the buyers. On the other hand, a refurbished item also known as a remanufactured item is a product that has been returned to the manufacturer for some reason. Due to slight or basic issues, the manufacturer can no more sell it as a new product. Therefore, they fix the problem and sell it again as a refurbished item at lower prices. These are barely used items that are returned by the original buyers for minor issues such as packaging default, etc. 

A refurbished item can be a second-hand product but a second-hand product is not always refurbished. It is important to know the difference before you make a purchasing decision. A refurbished item is fully-tested and fixed before being made available for sale. Optimized quality of the product is ensured. For example, if you are looking for a Samsung galaxy s20 refurbished or any such top phone model, you are most likely to receive an item exactly like a new one. Right from the packaging to all the accessories, everything is similar to the original set except the price. The price difference lies only because it is a refurb. An increasing number of people are turning to purchase refurbished items because of the fine quality and budget-friendly aspect. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons why buying a refurbished item is a smart choice. 

  • Budget-friendly 

This is the chief reason why you would like to buy a refurbished product. With the rapid advancement of technology, we see new and latest gadgets coming in the market every day. Everyone wants to have the newest and best of every item but they are highly priced at times. Talking about mobile phones, phones like the Samsung galaxy s20 refurbished can fit your budget as well as your desire. The price of the refurb piece is much lesser than that of the original one. Also, you get the same model with the same specifications and usage. 

  • Reliability

Buying a second-hand or used item is a tricky task. There are plenty of instances where people get cheated in the trade of used items.  Since you pay less for a product, you cannot expect it to be of top quality. However, it does not mean that you will buy a low-quality and zero-performance product. It is important to buy an item that serves the purpose and is cost-efficient at the same time. Refurbished items are thoroughly checked and fixed before sale. You can expect a genuine and original quality product.  

  • Warranty and assistance 

Since refurbished items are thoroughly checked and fixed, you get a warranty from the seller’s end. Buying a second-hand item from any individual comes with no warranty or assistance. Once you purchase the item, they are not answerable to you in any way. However, a refurbished item comes with a warranty for a certain period and within that, you can always return or exchange the item. Also, minor issues and inconveniences are dealt with and assisted by the seller in case of refurbs.  For more information click here.

A refurbished item is a smart and economical way to keep yourself technologically updated. They are of great advantage to environmental welfare. You can have the best quality premium products at an affordable rate.  

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal