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Essentials To Carry While Moving To Canada

You know very well that Canada offers the best education at affordable fees.  Also, the degrees that Canadian universities offer to students are recognized all over the globe. Canada is culturally so diverse that students find themselves in an incredibly peaceful environment to study.  The country is quite safe and ranks very low in crime rates. So all these reasons aspire youth in India to move to Canada. 

Moving to a new country is definitely a challenging experience. Your lifestyle is going to change completely now.  When you are migrating to Canada you need to carry some basic things. Some students forget to carry important things in haste. Now such minor mistakes can prove to be cumbersome. You should be well aware of all necessary things before you head out to Canada. If you want to seek more information then you can contact the best study visa consultants.

Now Let Us Read Some Important Things You Need To Study In Canada 

Your passport 

A passport is integral to traveling abroad. . If you don’t possess a passport, immediately apply for one. And in case you do have a passport make sure it is valid and has not reached its expiry date. If your passport expires in six months or less, you cannot travel abroad. Bring a photocopy of any other identification with you when you arrive in Canada. These can include 

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • You need to ensure your passport is up to date. You can get it renewed in Canada. 


A letter of Acceptance

The next important document to carry is a letter of acceptance. The institution in which you have got admission would have issued you a letter of acceptance. It is also referred to as an offer letter or acceptance letter. It is necessary to submit your letter of acceptance if you want to obtain a study permit. Conditional acceptance letters can be found. This indicates that there are particular guidelines the applicant must adhere to before starting their main course of study. Completing training in either French or English as a Second Language (ESL) is a typical prerequisite.  So keep your letter of acceptance ready.


Proof of Funds 


You should be able to provide a  statement to show your economic conditions. Without providing proof of funds you won’t be issued a visa. Simply you require some crucial documents to prove that you will be able to sustain a good quality of life in Canada. To get a study permit you should be able to prove that you’ll be able to fund your lifestyle in Canada. All international students must demonstrate that they have at least $10,000 CAD ($833 USD) in funds per month, or more if they are bringing family members with them. You need to earn $11,000 CAD annually to live in the province of Quebec.


Medical records and ongoing prescriptions

Before you leave your country you need to get a copy of all your medical records and immunization records from yuor doctor. If there is any persisting health issue or you are taking some medication then that should be duly noted so that you can keep treating it while studying in Canada. The institution where you are applying for the education can demand medical documents to register you. Don’t worry about medical facilities. Canadian colleges provide adequate medical facilities to all international students. 


Study permit

The most important document to carry while you’re moving to Canada is to obtain a study permit.  This is the document that permits you to live and study in Canada. It should be noted that a student visa grants you the permission to enter Canada while it is the study permit that lets you stay in Canada. Also if your course duration is less than 6 months then there is no need to obtain a study permit. You will need the following three documents to get a study permit 

  • Proof of acceptance
  • Valid passport 
  • Proof of financial support


Other essential things

Apart from the above formal documents you need to carry other essential objects that can include laptops, chargers, etc. Also, Canada experiences harsh winters so don’t forget to carry winter clothing. You might carry some local eatable items which may be hard for you to find in Canada. The luggage you have to carry will depend on the luggage limit allowed by the airline. 



Now the next part is to decide on accommodation. While there are several accommodation options available for you in Canada. But it is suggested to stay on campus. Otherwise, you can choose to live in student hostels or pgs. You can choose accommodation on the basis of your budget. Keep in mind the rent rates depend upon the locality. To assess all the factors carefully before deciding to select an accommodation option. Consider choosing a homestay if you want a setting that feels like your own. Choose that accommodation which has an ideal environment for you to study. If you want ideal guidance to plan your visa process it’s time to seek help from the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana.


 Emergency contact list

You should keep a copy of the emergency contact list to prepare for any adverse situation.  Because once you reach Canada you might fail to gain access to your contacts. Therefore, prepare an emergency contact list along with you.



Planning to move to Canada is a big decision. You need to plan several things beforehand to ensure your process to move to Canada is all smooth and hassle-free. So we hope you’ll keep the above things in mind while planning to move to Canada. For more details stay contact with Canada visa consultant.