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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Film Schools

How To Enroll Into Film Schools In Mumbai?

Before talking about various steps to enroll in a film school, let’s understand what filmmaking is and what does it entail?

Filmmaking is the art of showcasing a mirror of society. It offers a platform to communicate your visualization of an idea in a format that is an amalgamation of entertainment, glamour, emotions, drama & action. It brings forth the collaborative effort, collective talent, experience, and vision of the Writer, Director, Sound Director, Production Designer, SFX team, Director of Photography, Editing team and cinematographer, etc. The director and the writer decide on the feeling that the audience should experience throughout the film and accordingly they work on the film-planning location, lighting setup, musical cues, actor’s looks, costumes, etc.

Technology has been a catalyst in inducing varied changes into the filmmaking process-SFX, digitization, etc.

Film making process can be divided into:

  • Writing
  • Casting
  • Pre-production (or Prep)
  •  Production (or Shoot)
  • Post Production (or Post)
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Censor certification, Release, Sales and Distribution 
  • Royalty

Eligibility: Students must be at least 17 years of age and must have cleared their 10thClass exams from a recognized board.

Film making course:

Filmmaking must be induced at an early age. An early realization will direct you to get hands-on experience across varied departments gaining knowledge about various facets of filmmaking. You must have a creative mindset and should be passionate about telling stories. You do not need costly equipment; just a smartphone will help you in shooting small videos or pictures and by stitching them together, you can communicate your story.

Besides this, to excel in Film making, students must opt for courses like Digital filmmaking in Film schools in Mumbai. While selecting, students must deliberate on:

  • Courses must offer competencies in two key dimensions of film making, i.e. storytelling & production.
  • The curriculum must be curetted keeping in mind the current market trends as well as contemporary screen practices.
  • The college must equip the students with Technical Expertise-Digital camera shoot, camera angles, scripting, lighting skills, filters, colours, budgeting, editing, sound design, Non-linear FCP based editing, social media videos, web entertainment, OTT platform,and audiovisual productions.
  • Besides theoretical, the college must ensure Hands-on Approach to learning. The students not only get exposure through working at actual film/television sets but also through making ad films, films& television productions. Furthermore, the students also are offered experience in related fields like sound design, SFX, post-production, editing, special effects, Scripting, etc.
  • The college must ensure student’s participation in Film Festivals so that they not only get the opportunity to showcase their skills but also build their portfolios. At times, many students win awards at national as well as international film festivals, thus bringing laurels for their Alma Mater.
  • The curriculum must offer students knowledge about ways to research concepts and visualize unique ideas& stories.
  • Thestudents also get an understanding offinancial matters, crew management, managing of projects as well as sources of funding.

Do not miss this opportunity and fulfill your dream of being a part of the film industry.

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