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Duplicate content decline ranking
Digital Marketing


There are lots of websites you can see on the internet. They describe the product as manufacturers describe it on their website. They copy the content and paste it at their site. Due to this duplication occurs. For instance, You manage shopping websites and you are affiliated with various stores and working as a marketing agent. You post online shopping daily deals along with product details and images. You pick all the details from that store.

Through this duplication of the content occurs and thus it creates issues in the ranking of the site. But duplication is not limited to shopping networks there are lots of blogging sites that copy wide ranges of contents and thus after this, they started to earn money after creating traffic on the blog.

There are lots of blogging sites you can see on the internet that copy the content and post it on their blogs but nowadays, due to technological innovation, there is robotics that finds the plagiarism or duplicate content and then declines the ranking of the site by blacklisting it.

The success of the entrepreneurs in the online world is only necessary when they will copy any content and make the marketing strategy after lots of research. Information is the most powerful tool to play in the online world. As you know various innovations are coming due to rapid growth in the technology so everything requires prior research and information to become successful nowadays.  


There are various issues that happen on search engines such as, the search engine can’t recognize the site due to duplication of the content on other sites as well, they can’t analyze the query for ranking purpose and thus the ranking of the site affected.

Nowadays, the search engine has become so powerful. Their updated robots evaluate every site in little time and tell the plagiarism when there is any duplication phrase is present. Through these innovative robots, the search engine automatically removes the plagiarized web pages. So the duplication of the content is must be ignored by the entrepreneur to make the place in the Google Search Engine ranking.

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Duplication of the content doesn’t only decline the value of in ranking but is also cause to penalties that must be paid by the site owner. Through these losses occurs and thus it is also declining the reputation of the business.


Due to the duplication of the content, site owners also face loss due to a rapid decline in the growth of the site. Traffic and ranking of the site both face loss due to duplication. Those red marked sites decline it worth in the ranking, hence, in that way the owner of the site faces loss and waste all money that has paid on enhancing the ranking of the site.

There is also another problem that generates the problem. The other issue of duplication is linked. As you know that each website has many pages, and every page has the same link, only changing has made at the end of the link. Sometimes other website uses the same link by making little changing in that, so it also creates a problem. 

Site owners also face loses various opportunities including pay per click and advertising. Thus, due to these losses, traffic of the site also declines. So the site profit also turns in to loss. I recommend that don’t copy any content from other sites.

Entrepreneur hires a content writer that writes unique content and various articles. The content must be attractive and there will be no plagiarism. Thus the ranking of the site will not be affected and hence in that way it grows rapidly and become the top-ranking site on the search engine.


Image of business is most prominent in the marketplace if any company would like to occupy a place in the market. When an entrepreneur doesn’t hire a content writer and copy the content on his site through other sites so it creates negative results and declines the growth of the business.

As you see on the internet, there are lots of offering sites that only offer coupon codes and discount codes of the online stores and do marketing of their site. Thus, they copy content from other sites for the description of the products so it creates duplication. 

There are lots of companies you can find anywhere around the world that offer content marketing and SEO services. These companies have a huge team of content writers and marketing team as well. They don’t only provide content but they also advertise by their own team through any site owner will not face any loss due to several issues. These companies also provide coupon codes and various deals occasionally through which anyone can do it in their budget.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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