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Digital Marketing: The role of Public Relations

You have seen the famous celebrities as behaving in a certain way and are present at certain occasions which are critical for their career. There is always a notion for these celebrities to be present at the right time at the right place. The idea of developing business coincides with the development of the brands and celebrities. Hence the idea of Public Relation (PR) is to build a brand image for your business at the right time and at the right place to increase your business reach. 

In times prior to the development of internet there was always an engagement between brands, celebrities and journalists to get featured in print media or publications. There are enough measures taken to indulge publicist in the channel of promotions for a particular brands or celebrities in order to increase viewership online or offline. Digital PR includes a wide variety of marketing possibilities such as being interviewed by online publications, increasing your online presence and the using of interactive power of social media for further growth and recognition.

The possibility for online promotions is unending. Digital PR agencies combine the best of traditional PR with a focus of new trend in content marketing, social media marketing and more. Some examples of digital PR are: Online press releases, networking with journalists to build reputation of a certain brand, arranging business profiling, organizing online reviews and interviews, effective back links for a brand to ensure easy management of digital data, influencer marketing and blogging outreach with sufficient media reach and publishing online content for greater media reach. 

The goal of digital PR is similar to the goal of traditional PR wherein the objective was to improve a client’s online presence and make them more visible thus acceptable by the society. Digital PR uses different tools to accomplish the goals where there is a sea of competitors which is challenging and increased visibility among members of target audience. In scenario of digital PR there is a well defined brand created to communicate in order to separate from your competitors and be visible in online avenues to get information. 

There are certain ways to benefit your digital brand as a means to grow your business:

  • Boost website traffic – The more your brand appears the more it will be discussed and known. 
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimization – When your content is published and ranked high in the rankings with back links and click baits. Eventually an upward movement in your SEO ranking can lead to an increased traffic on your website as well. 
  • Mix-up with various sources of marketing on digital platforms to create a niche for your brand so that there is a constant medium to share information with customer base. 
  • Improve at brand image- Finally improving brand image is the root cause of existence of digital brand image and increased number of positive reviews.

About The Author

Gaurav Digital is a digital marketing expert, educator & service provider having more than a decade experience in digital marketing industry. He has already worked with MNC’s & top Indian & Foreign brands. Currently he heads known as best & affordable  digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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