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CRM Software Is A Source Of Retaining Gym Members

The lifeline of any gym depends on its members. The engaged member base keeps the fitness business sustainable for the long term. There is a need to have effective pathways to nurture leads for converting them into members. A flawless plan is required to keep members interested in the services of a gym. It is a huge task for a gym’s team to plan and execute strategies effectively while fulfilling gym chores. This is where Wellyx comes into play. The effective CRM tool will help in organizing, unifying, and simplifying the sales and retention process.

Do you what organize, unify, and simplify means in terms of business? If not, then let’s have their overview.

  • Organize: 

Set and track the sales goals of the gym. Also, following up the prospect member life cycle.

  • Unify:

A tool that eliminates the need of using multiple systems.

  • Simplify:

The software manages schedules and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Life Cycle Of A Potential Member:

The life cycle of the potential member consists of four stages:

    • Identification of an official prospect
    • The client accepts an invitation of visiting a gym
    • Potential member becomes a current member
    • The current member becomes a source of a referral

Official Prospect:

This life cycle begins when a gym identifies its potential lead. Following are the few steps of identifying leads:

    • A walk-in client who enquires about the services and rates of the gym.
    • A prospect who calls at the gym to enquire about rates and services.
    • A person who contacts the gym via its official website or any other social media platform.

What Would Happen Without CRM?

The front desk officer will record prospect information on notebooks, sticky notes, and scrap paper.

    • Data entry operators transfer information from paper to spreadsheets. 
    • Staff use spreadsheets or a paper sheet for follow-up.

What Would Happen With CRM?

    • The front desk officer enters data directly into the software of those who enquire through the phone.
    • The software captures data when someone contacts through the official website.

Visit Gym Facility:

The prospect doesn’t immediately decide on joining a gym. He evaluates whether a gym is suitable for fulfilling the needs or not. This is where a trial membership plays its role. It is a chance for a prospect to explore the gym without the pressure of buying a membership. This is also a chance for gym staff to earn an incentive for a sale.

Procedure Without A CRM:

      • Staff record the details of a guest pass on sticky notes. 
      • Employees manually counts the guest pass for the verification of the current number of trial members. 
      • Staff use sticky notes to assess the needs and wants of the guests from a gym.

Changes Due To CRM:

      • A trial member has to log in online for the survey of a gym.
      • The system notifies prospects about the guest pass expiration. A trial member can discuss details with the staff through this software.
      • If any guest missed an opportunity of the trial, the software contacts them for a follow-up schedule.

Prospect Becomes A Member:

When a prospect becomes a member, a successful gym always focuses on two objectives relevant to new members. This strategy is retention and engagement. Here the sense of retention is in sense of basic administrative tasks. These administrative tasks include:

  • Tracking inactivity
  • Pending expirations

Engagement is a process through which clients make a relationship with members strong. The process of engagement might include the following activities:

  • Additional services (personal training and classes)
  • By hosting events at a gym
  • Free assessments

The more members get engaged the more their retention level increase.

Process Without A CRM:

    • Staff tracks member inactivity and pending expirations manually.
    • Gym advertises new services or offers by putting boards outside a gym.
    • Front desk staff inform clients of upcoming events and services. Also, update members about their membership expiration.

With The Use Of CRM:

    • The software monitors the payment process and identifies the members whose payment is pending. It automatically notifies them for making payments to enjoy membership.
    • The staff becomes capable of connecting with a member via email and texts. Emails are the most convenient method of staying in touch with members. Also, keep members up to date with important changes in their accounts.
    • For the members who don’t attend classes, the system identifies them automatically. Through this information, staff can connect with those members. They encourage them to visit again through different offers.


When a member gets fully engaged in gym services and culture, he acts as his advocate. This kind of member always speaks positively about the gym. This increases the chance of getting more clients. Gyms provide members with referral bonuses and make referral entry as smooth as possible.

Manual Procedure:

    • Record staff referral information on sticky notes for a record.
    • Enter complete data of a paper on the spreadsheet.
    • After a successful referral, a staff verifies a member and reaches out to discuss the members. 

Procedure Through CRM:

    • Staff can enter data through multiple portals within the software. This results in the reduction of unnecessary navigation.
    • Software links the referring member profile with a referral. This process is convenient for a further record of a referral. 
    • The system notifies the referring member with an email of a successful referral.

Difference Between Manual Procedures And CRM

The above discussion clearly showed the difference in the management of the whole process. The process can’t be efficient and effective without the software. Therefore, a business needs software if it wants to capture leads and to use them to capture further potential clients.

Concluding Comments:

Making changes to how you deal with customers and make sales doesn’t have to be too hard. Adopting software is not as scary as you are assuming it. Everything you need to know about software has been discussed here. The information above is enough to convince you of the usage of the software. You can take advantage of a gym membership software free so you can see how it will help streamline your business operations and make it grow. If still you are not convinced then nothing can be a source of business growth. Successful client retention is an ideal way of increasing revenue.

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