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Creating a New, Brand Logo with the Aid of Timeless Apps

I believe that every business big or small is always deserving of attaining the highest amount of visibility, but of course, every business needs to be able to strive for perfection through hard work. Building a business from scratch is only the start, creating something out of it, is what truly counts. Speaking of making it count, to reach the maximum amount of visibility for your brand means to come up with all the ways to create a trademark for the public to recognize it, coherently. 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “trademark”, especially in business terms? Creating a brand for your business is one thing but putting a mark on that brand is what will be lasting. A custom logo design adds just the right amount of trademark for all your business opportunities. That is the first thing any customer or potential client sees when they first consult you and it will be the last thing they remember after working with you. But remember one thing, for a business to achieve that kind of recognition, you need to be able to design not just any logo but a timeless and unique one. 

It doesn’t matter if you consult a professional or do it on your own. A logo design needs to be able to have a huge impact and should be able to pull in a larger audience towards it; making them curious about your business and all its services or products. Now let’s discuss what a logo app is and how it could be useful for all your logo designing needs.

What is a logo design app? 

logo design app

A logo design app is a mobile application. It is mainly used by freelancers or well almost anyone who wants or needs to design an app on their own. These kind of apps work well for tablets and cell phones or similar devices but can’t function on your regular home desktops. Most of us, including myself have often wondered what it is like to create a logo from scratch. This is where these apps come in. When I first started my business, I needed a suitable logo, and even though I consulted a mobile app development company in UAE asking for advice on which app I should use or which designer I should consult, I had taken up the option of looking into a suitable app to create a prototype on my own so that I could show the app developer professionals exactly what I needed; allowing them to guide me towards a final app for the end result. 

How a good logo app should speak to you

Of course, not all apps are the next best thing for creating a good logo, but no one really gave us the ultimate guide to choosing the best app for the job. When choosing an app, you need to look for the best one based on the following attributes, which are:

  • Make sure they are easy to use, must be user-friendly 
  • Customization is always key; giving a wide array of color, font, style etc.
  • Check the cost, depending on how much the app itself costs or how much is required to download the finishing logo result. 
  • Always check the star ratings to see how impactfull these apps are.
  • Not all logo apps are for the same uses. Always check to see what logo designing app is best for what purpose. 

As mentioned above, not all apps are suitable for every kind of logo design. Some are only applicable to certain kind of designs or patterns. You could always look up testimonials or take the same option I did when I consulted professionals in amobile app development company in UAE. 

The best mobile apps for logo design by reviews 

Now that we’ve established what kind of apps to look for based on the specifications, we come down to the 8 best apps for logo designing based on customer reviews and testimonials. These include:

  • Logo Maker Shop
  • Makr
  • Logo Maker – Logo Creator
  • Watercolor Logo Maker
  • ICONA – Logo Designer
  • DesignMantic – Logo Maker
  • LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker
  • Logo Maker + Logo Creator

Logo Maker Shop

This app comes with a wide variety of more than 1k logo templates, 200+ fonts and a lot of background options to customize your logos. It is categorized as an easy to use but low customizable app. This kind of app is known for creating bold and modernized brand logos. The quality of templates it produces is very well-designed, even the ones that come absolutely free. 

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This app is used to design much more than just the average logo design. With this app you can now create t-shirts, bags and so much more. You start by choosing your favorite template based upon the occasion; be it a birthday, a wedding, a charity event, etc. You can even upload your own art and create a logo or design around it. This app has been rated as best for modern-day designs. You can download the app for free but once you finish creating your logo, you’ll have to pay around $6.99 for downloading the finishing logo design. 

Logo Maker – Logo Creator

This app lets you choose some B&W templates and then after you settle on the design, you can choose to add colors, overlays or any other textual fonts you need. This app has a free version and has limited options but once you choose to go for the paid version, it unlocks so many more options. The kind of templates and designs this app offers, aims more towards the casual or laid back kind of brands.

Watercolor Logo Maker

This app envelopes beautiful watercolor templates that you can choose from and then move on to editing them, adding texts or fonts, adjustment of background or color; allowing you to make further customizations. This app, even though provides good quality templates, should be able to match your brand. If it doesn’t, then I don’t really see the point. This could work for more fun or cute brands that probably deal in toddler clothes.

ICONA – Logo Designer

Allows you to enter certain keywords depending on what exactly you’re looking for. For example, you type tree in the keyword section and get suitable results pop up. Once you get the image settled, you can choose what font you’d like your company’s name to be put down as. This is the perfect app for you to get creative; allowing you to make designs and brainstorm logos. This is more like an app for beginners. 

DesignMantic – Logo Maker

This app is a lot like a desktop version app that basically lets you type the categorical design you need and then choose a suitable pattern. Once that’s out of the way, it lets you customize the colors, fonts and a lot more. This app is more on the expensive side, but also has more professional logo templates for branding, more than many other apps out there. The only downside may be that the finishing result isn’t very seamless as compared to other or most apps. 

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

It works just like other logo applications like allows you to pick a font and logo icon for further editing but the style of each icon is a little cartoonish or extra animated; being a step further in than the regular clip arts but still not modernized enough to use for corporate or professional logos. It is a free app but has very limited icon choices, it allows you to buy the full range of icons or logo choices for around $4.99 but still very limited in choice. 

Logo Maker + Logo Creator

Being a little confusing for the average Joe to use, it has a wide range of categories, some of which are very confusing. Even though the plus point of it having a wide array of iconic options, there is still the downside of it having too many ads that pop up on the screen after every few seconds of usage. This has got to be the most frustrating part of every app. 

 To wrap things up

All logo making apps are there for a reason. Yes, they may have a price to it, but if you want to start off as being a professional in logo designing; starting from small, these apps can be a major help. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a complete beginner who’s just looking to experiment with your very first design. So go ahead and start your creative logo designing journey with the help of these super cool apps as your guide!

Muhammad Asad Raza

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