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Cracking Online Statistics Exam with 3 Major Ways

For a lot of university academics, giving any online exam is can be a bit baffling. They have no idea of what is expected and are not certain of the skill sets and processes which will facilitate them in giving their best. When it is about an online statistics exam, the matter becomes more serious. The online exam provides a lot of opportunities and there are lesser distractions. However, it comes with unique challenges as well that students need to be aware of and take necessary steps to crack it successfully. Many students at this point of time literally think, “I wish I had someone to “take my online stats exam”. But most of them don’t get the required help at the right time and eventually perform poorly.

Here are three steps (and their sub-steps) that academics should consider for succeeding on their online statistics exams:

Prior to giving the Online Exam

  1. Self-Preparation

Do some reading to understand the guidelines of the test. Make sure that you will be able to answer all the questions like Does the test have a specific date and time, or it can be taken at any time? What’s the time frame provided for the test? Does it require to go a specific location or can be given from home? Is there any “need to know” factors provided by the instructor/professor?

  1. What’s the format of the test

What types of questions will be there within the paper — fill-in’s multiple-choice, essay type of short answer-types? Or there will be a combination of all the above-mentioned types?

  1. Self-Testing

If the professor provides mock exam papers, take it always! The same can also be found in your class stats textbook. Give as much as you can to build self-confidence.

  1. Checking your System

Make sure there’s no last-minute technical hiccup! Be it your PC or a tab, be sure that it’s working fine. Also, confirm that you’re in a location that has sound Internet connectivity.

  1. Studying the provided materials

It’s always important to study and reviewing all the resources provided by your professor considering that you’re taking the test within the physical classroom.

  1. Planning your time

While giving mock exams, make sure you’re limiting your time to the time period that will be given for the real online exam. Also, think about how much time you will spend on every question.

If it’s up to you to select the exam time, opt for a time that you think is less distracting and less interrupting.

Get everything that is needed for taking this exam. If you’re allowed to keep materials like books, notes, or writing implements along with you, make sure those are all set!

Take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes, it’s time to give the exam.

During the Online Exam

  1. Focus on the paper and time

Take a look at the clock. You can also set an alarm for notifying you when the remaining time is limited.

If permissible by your professor, keep copies of the questions and save those, along with your answers. It can be very helpful in case you come across any technical errors while giving the test.

  1. Never leave the test page tab!

If allowed searching the internet for information, never use the same tab or the same browser while giving the exam. There are higher chances of losing all your answers in case of any technical error.

As a substitute, you can choose a completely different browser then do your search.

  1. Revise

Once you are done with your online stats exam, make sure that all the questions are answered and/or appear as tried doing those. Revise all the answers you gave, along with the spelling and grammar. You can keep 10-15 minutes for the revision and remember it’s a must.

  1. Submit

Once you’re done with revising all your answerers, submit your paper. If you’re facing any issues while submitting the paper, try for the second time. If it still persists, let your instructor know about it immediately. Here’s when you can send your answers in an attached document through student email to the instructor’s official mail.

As you are done with the exam, have some fun sessions and come back to check how well you did.

After the Online Exam

  1. Reviewing

You have to have some confusion while giving the exam. So, it’s better to check your study materials and readings to find out exactly where you lagged behind or did very well.

  1. Checking your marks

In most cases, you will instantly get to know your grades. However, long-answered exams take longer for you’re the instructor in grading. Once you get your marks, assess yourself and how you can do better in the next one.

Even after getting such a systematic process for giving online stats exams, many students find it too daunting and get nervous while giving the exam. If you think you have the same problem, my assignment help – the one-stop solution can be approached for attaining better grades without taking too much stress.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal