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Crack competitive exams with high scores: tips for learners 

In the education system, we grow and learn that competitive exam scores hold high importance. The exams conducted by government and private educational institutions to assess students’ knowledge to get the admissions in higher learning courses and for the recruitment process refers to competitive exams. 

The cut-off lists and clearing criteria are quite high and hence only passing won’t work. Let us discuss some effective tips that all learners must follow to clear competitive exams with high scores and ranks.

3 best preparation tips 

  • Study maths every day 

In several competitive exams such as UPSC, REET, SSC, NET, etc, mathematics questions are asked. There is a separate section known as a quantitative section that includes questions of maths. To clear competitive exams with high scores one must study mathematics every day. 

Theoretical and memorizing portions can be done, managed, and studied on alternative days as well. But mathematics is an applicative subject and all the applications cannot be understood well without studying every day. With this tip, students not only score well in quantitative analysis but also in the reasoning ability section. 

  • Join coaching or crash course 

Taking additional help will never go wrong. Several coaching institutes come up with crash courses and long-term courses to help students prepare better for clearing their dream competitive exams. Here you can learn the best tips and techniques to clear the exams with high scores.

 Now the convenience of learning and preparing by taking online coaching is also available. You can also join coaching or institute that practices hybrid learning so that you can meet your teachers physically too to understand better if finding difficulties in connecting online.

  • The everyday study is the key to success 

Competitive exams have a huge syllabus and topics that all students have to prepare and complete to give the papers well. And also we all know that only one time learning the whole syllabus is not enough. Students have to do multiple rounds of revisions to hold good command over their preparation. And this can only be achieved by studying every day. All learners must study daily. This way students will get enough time for revisions too. Avoid procrastination and delays. Develop an effective learning timetable and follow it with dedication and consistency. 

Tips to follow while giving the exam 

  • Don’t feel stuck if not able to remember an answer 

With competitive exams being tough and complex, finding difficulty in remembering and solving a question can be common. But if you will feel like being stuck, the whole exam preparation can be affected. Don’t stop at a question you are not able to solve. Move forward to the further questions. And keep solving the ones you know properly. This will help you to finish the paper timely and later think about the questions left. 

  • Mark the answers right on your OMR sheet 

In competitive exams, you get an OMR sheet to mark the right option. Even by knowing the right answers, students lose marks because they mark the wrong one on their answer sheet. And hence students must focus on marking the right option. Be careful and attentive. 

  • Don’t attempt the doubtful questions to prevent negative marking 

In competitive exams, negative marking is there. This means for every wrong answer one mark is deducted from the total score. To reduce the risk of scoring less and increase the chances of cracking competitive exams by not attempting the questions you are doubtful about. 

  • Don’t attempt any kind of cheating 

The centers where you go for giving competitive exams, as well as the invigilators checking on you, are very strict. If you will be seen practicing any cheating approach, you will be debarred from giving the examination and this can affect your future a lot. Also, don’t make others cheat your answers as well. Do honestly what all you know. Rest all good will happen. 


Competitive exam scores play an important role for several students to establish a good high education life and future success for themselves. And for this, they have to crack the exams with high scores and ranks. Following the three preparation tips that are studying maths every day, taking coaching, and studying daily can help in this regard. We also discussed a few other tips that all must follow while attempting the papers to score high marks. 

Muhammad Asad Raza