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Couples Bracelets 10 matching bracelets for couples

Couples Bracelets: 10 matching bracelets for couples

Couples Bracelets 10 matching bracelets for couples

Thinking about buying your significant other a bracelet? This is the best way to take the traditional friendship bracelets one step further, because your partner should always be your dearest friend on earth, and one of the nicest ways to show your appreciation is by making a thoughtful and original present, such as a jewelry piece that expresses the depth of your love. Showing affection through gifts is more meaningful than most people think. If you have heard about the 5 languages of love, then you know that there are some people who feel loved when they receive a present, and if this sounds relatable, getting a bracelet for you and your loved one is a must. In this article, we have prepared the best 10 ideas of cute bracelets for couples that cover a wide range of designs for every taste.

1. Gorjana Wilder Alphabet Bracelet

What about having your loved one’s initial hanging on your wrist everywhere you go? This delicate yet resistant chain comes with a letter of your choice and works great with both, casual and elegant clothes.

2. Cartier Love Bracelet

In this case, the name says it all. If you are a big fan of luxurious fashion items, you can’t miss the opportunity to get one of these. This collection has been on the market for about 60 years non-stop, being a reminder of your enduring love.

3. Davidor L’Arc Voyage Charm PM, 18k Rose Gold with Galerie Diamonds 

This is one of those jewelry items that you can use everyday without ever getting enough from it, mostly because you will have the initial of your partner on it. Although the design is very casual, it looks neat and simple, suitable for both of you.

4. Little Words Project Custom Beaded Bracelet

Available on customized designs and colors, this colorful bracelet is great to add the name of that special one.

5. Sarah Chloe Cara Duo Bracelet

If you love high-end products and can afford a pricey choice, you might want to consider this accessory that allows you to personalize it with two initials, plus an accent charm (you can choose a heart or a diamond).

6. Monica Vinader Signature Thin Bangle

If you are looking forward to wearing the exact same design as your better half, this accessory can perfectly be used by both sexes, thanks to it’s versatile, modern and clean shape.

7. Baublebar Nameplate Bracelet

If you prefer to add more creativity, we recommend you to try this beautiful nameplate alternative.

8. Baublebar Jada Bracelet

For those who value handmade items and colors, this fun and creative piece is your go to, as you will be able to have the name of your loved one beaded on the design. Definitely an awesome way to keep each other present in your hearts throughout your day.

9. Rellery Double Heart Bracelet With Bead Chain

A great option that can be personalized to express the love between you and your partner, by engraving both of your names on the hanging charms.

10. The Last Line 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

The top rated for all our diamond lovers. Remember, when you invest in love it always pays off.

Sanket Goyal
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