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Common Types of Invisalign Case and How to Choose the Best One

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At times, Invisalign sets are supplied in excess, and this makes it necessary to have a proper place where you can store them. Also, when your aligners aren’t in use, it’s recommended to store them in the recommended cases.

Remember that if you have pets at home, you should remember that they have a huge appetite for chewing everything that they come across. In most instances, if you have puppies, there is a high probability that they will be chewing whatever comes in front of them. This is why you will need a high-quality case for storing your Invisalign for teens. These are available in 3 piece,12 piece and other types.

Never store your Invisalign case in humid and hot conditions

Moreover, humid and areas that experience lots of heat may not be the best for your aligners. If you are new to using clear aligners, your first thought will be to keep your braces safely in bathroom drawers. This is the same place where you will likely be storing your toiletries and also some cleaning gear. This is not very good for your aligners because the moisture level is high, and there is a likelihood of them being damaged. With high humidity and heat levels, the clear aligners and also the cases may get damaged. You should never store your aligners inside their recommended casing inside a hot car during summer because this might cause serious damage. Also, placing the aligners and their cases in a dishwasher are never recommended. High heat causes them to be irreparably misshaped.

How to choose the best cases for storing clear aligners

1. Buy cases that are available in multipacks

You need an extra case to store your orthodontic supplies. Some brands are sold in packs, so you can always have an extra one just in case you may need it. Since they are several, you can spread them over multiple places inside your house, so in case you misplace one, you will know where you can get the next.

2. Should be ventilated and clean

The last thing that you would envisage is for your retainers to get germs that are mostly associated with damp and moist surfaces. Clean and ventilated cases will help keep your Invisalign for teens clean and ensure that they remain in the best condition possible. If you’re considering braces, then we would suggest you read the guide on Braces pros and cons here.

3. The cases must be durable

They should allow you to carry your dental appliances around comfortably without cracking or breaking while inside your pocket. It should be able to have a perfectly fitting clocking closure so that you do not have to worry whenever you accidentally drop your case. In most instances, Invisalign cases that are made from high-quality materials last for several years.

4. Should allow for wide application

You need to get a case that is large enough, and which you can use to hold a variety of other dental applications. Teens can use them to hold their transparent brackets, while grownups can use them as storage for their mouth guards. With enough storage room, you know that how you use your case will not be limited.

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