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Commercial inspection

Commercial property inspections

Just like our homes, the other commercial properties are also basically a building structures requiring our attention to make sure that nothing is wrong with them. Commercial property inspections make sure to rule out the fact that the problems that can be present in a house, could be present in our offices, malls, daycare units, schools, colleges, etc as well. Basically, the difference between a residential and commercial property is that the residential property consists of single-family units or one to four unit rental residences but when we talk about commercial property, it consists of five or more units and is used for business activities. Now,  many people are also confused about whether condos and residential buildings should be commercial or not. The answer to it is that they are indeed commercial properties because if there are apartments present in a place, they can be considered residential but when we say that there is a building with 5 or more apartments, it should be considered as commercial because apart from the apartments, the rest of the building needs attention too in order to know if there is something wrong happening behind the walls or not and it is not the responsibility of the residents living in the apartments but of the person who owns the building to get it checked and inspected regularly to ensure the health and safety of the people connected to the building through one way or another. It can be the residents or the security staff or some administrative staff present at the building tending to the needs of the people present there.

A space where some humans are present requires the benefit of check and balance to see if it is safe for them to be there or not. The reason can be anything, maybe the presence of radon gas in the environment which means that if there are high levels of radon present inside a building where people are spending a good amount of their day then this issue must be checked and eradicated in order to make sure that they are not getting harmed during the time they are spending there.

Apart from radon, the presence of other harmful substances like mold or asbestos in the building can also become a cause of discomfort as all these factors are known to affect the respiratory system of humans and known to cause diseases like lung cancer, asbestosis, and different kinds of allergies resulting in symptoms like cough, sneezing, wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, etc. Now as we can observe that all these issues are related to the respiratory system which means that all of this is caused due to breathing in the air where all these harmful substances are present. Breathing is something that cannot be avoided, we can for sure avoid touching things or sanitizing when there is a doubt of some particular germ present around us but what do we do when the air around us is not pure? We cannot wear a mask at all times and regular masks are not even able to hinder the passage of such particles into our respiratory system. For issues like these, the air around us needs to be mitigated and impurities like radon, asbestos and mold should be eradicated from the property as soon as possible.

The particulars that are included in a commercial inspection are not just the ones that affect the health of the people but also the ones that may affect the structure of the building and repairs associated with the structure of a building sure does cost a lot which is something that no building owner wants because the major purpose of running a business is to earn profit but what good would that be if you have to spend a major portion of your profit on some repairs that could have been avoided.

One of the most expensive repairs from structural damages is the damage caused by wood-destroying insects like termites, beetles, wood-destroying ants, etc. Pest and termite inspection allow us to find if there is an infestation present in the house and then nip the evil from the bud. Termites can take years to cause damage that costs us thousands of dollars or maybe more depending upon the area of the building and on the fact that how much woodwork is present on the building which may be vulnerable to the damage caused by wood-destroying insects. We must be very attentive when it comes to issues like these a regular inspection which means one inspection a year should be conducted to be sure that there is no such problem present on the property which may become a reason for a dent in your pocket so it is always better to be cautious rather than regretting it later.

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