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Cloud-Based Field Ticketing Software for Oil and Gas Industry

Most industries are now moving from paper and manual works to electronic and digital work. Digitalization has changed the way businesses used to work. We have been blessed with new technologies and advanced software for every single industrial task.
The software is there to do all types of work without any manual tasks. If we talk about the Oil and Gas Industries, they are moving from paper tickets to field tickets with the use of Field Ticketing Software. Let’s discuss how field ticketing service is growing and what’s the actual use of it.
Many industrialists are still not aware of the advanced software compatible with their companies. They are relying on manual tasks and more manpower to improve their productivity. However, in this competitive world, one has to be smart enough to adopt the new-generation software and technology.  
Cloud-Based Field Ticketing Software for Oil and Gas Industry
This helps the company to improve its overall productivity without the need for any manual support. Talking about the Field Service industry, you can grab cloud-based Field Service Management Software for all types of tasks. For the Gas and Oil Industry, there is much-advanced software available for each and every task.  
Oil and gas industry is a complex industry with different facets. There are numerous kinds of tasks to be handled and several challenges have to be met. Field ticketing forms an integral part of the oil and gas industry. 

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It needs to be handled with precision as even a single mistake can cost a great deal. Automation of field ticketing has streamlined this comprehensive task. There are a number of advantages of automating field ticketing for the oil and gas industry. Here is why every oil and gas company must switch to electronic field ticketing:

Effective Management of Several Tasks

Several tasks that need to be taken care of such as keeping contact with field executives, capturing customer requests and complaints and updating the status of the tickets raised can be managed effectively with electronic field ticketing.

Elimination of Paperwork

Paperwork can be quite tedious and Preparing work orders manually and keeping records of everything on paper can be quite a task. It gets especially difficult when an old record needs to be checked. 
Updating the records from time to time is also tough when done the traditional way on paper. Paperwork is not only difficult to manage but also involves a good amount of cost. Piles of paper require storage space. 
It also requires constant monitoring to ensure the data remains safe. Besides, there is always a threat of misplacing and losing documents. Automation of field ticketing helps in eliminating all these problems related to paperwork.

Improved Communication

Automating field ticketing service helps in better communication between back-office staff and field executives. It makes for smooth and faster communication between the two which leads to quicker and better accomplishment of tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy

There can be many errors when the tickets are raised manually. This can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication and ultimately impact the customer experience. Electronic field ticketing ensures greater accuracy thereby boosting the business. It also aids in improving payroll processes.

Increased Speed

Accomplishing field ticketing tasks manually is quite time-consuming. Automation of the same helps in speeding up the tasks. So, productivity, as well as the cash flow, increases by incorporating electronic field ticketing. Customer satisfaction also increases as the requests and complaints are resolved speedily.

Updating Records Made Easy

It is easy to update records in real-time. The data can be entered remotely by the field executives and any update required anytime can be entered by the back office executives as well.
For every Oil and Gas Organization where Field Tickets are important for the users and field workers, a reliable Electronic Field Ticketing software is essential. It helps to regulate the work cycle and improves the productivity of the company in the long run. It also helps the organization to save a lot of money by eliminating the extra manpower.
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