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Logistics Company in Oman

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A logistics company in Oman can help companies move products from one place to another. There are many departments that handle transport and logistics services in the country, which is why coordination between them is vital. While it is not easy to monitor the quality of all of them, it can reduce the burden of management. Here are a few of the most important tips for coordinating between departments:

Al Nowras Logistics Solution

Established in 2007, Al Nowras Logistics Solutions holds a rich experience of 15 years and is one of the leading and prominent logistics company in Oman, UAE, also serving in all GCC countries. Al Nowras is a tech logistics company specializing in Custom clearance and shipping goods between the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC countries through Road, Air or Sea freight option.

With more than 200 owned trucks and variety of fleet suiting everybody’s requirement, Al Nowras is now one of the best Road Logistics company in Sultanate of Oman and UAE. Fleet that includes forklift, cranes, trucks, etc. in various forms such as flatbed, lowbed, long deck, triple axle, air suspension, etc. capable of transportation of bulky goods.

At Al Nowras, we handle all types of Cargos including General, Dangerous Goods, Perishables and Temperature Controlled, making us one of the most reliance and sort after logistics company in Oman and other GCC countries.

Currently, Al Nowras is the only company having office at all entry and exit points whether seaport or airport around Sultanate of Oman, which makes us the most reliable, consistent and affordable trade forwarder & logistics partner.

GGL Global Logistics

GGL Global Logistics (LLC) is an established logistics company in Oman with an impressive track record of helping customers worldwide. With its vast experience and expertise in the shipping industry, GGL is well-equipped to offer quality logistics services to its clients. With its modern fleet of trucks fitted with the latest equipment, GGL is committed to providing quality service to all its clients. Interested individuals should consider the benefits of working with the company.

Customs Clearance services: Our team of dedicated and experienced customs officials are well equipped to process your goods at the Muscat International Airport and Sohar Port. We also have our own warehouse facilities, packing materials, and packers to meet your needs. Customs clearance services are tailored to the requirements of your business and provide a seamless transition for your goods from one location to the other. They can handle any aspect of your business, from planning to implementation and beyond.

Quality service: GGL Global offers a wide range of logistics services, including international freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and port services throughout the Gulf Arab region. They use the latest technology and comply with international standards. This means that their prices are competitive. If you are a small business, this could be an issue. For large businesses, these are not a problem, but for small and medium businesses, it could be.

Bahwan Logistics

The Bahwan Logistics Company in Oman is an established private logistics firm based in Muscat, Oman. The firm offers end-to-end logistics solutions to a range of industries, from heavy lift to project cargo management. The company’s vast fleet of trucks, trailers and tippers include specialized vehicles for handling heavy cargo. The company is also equipped with a 24/7 security team and has a fully secured compound.

BLL offers a full suite of logistics services, from customs clearance to air and sea freight. The contract covers approx 300,000 FRT of cargo and includes complete logistics services including 3D Paver System. The government of Oman has put a great deal of emphasis on logistics and aims to create a business environment that promotes the industry in the country. This is reflected in the company’s high level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

In addition to handling general freight and specialised shipments, Bahwan Logistics has a dedicated safety team, which oversees all operations and ensures compliance with the highest safety standards. Moreover, it offers full duty-free and over-dimensional cargo handling services. By ensuring compliance with the highest standards of safety, Bahwan Logistics is well-positioned to help its clients achieve their business objectives. If you’re looking for a logistical company in Oman, then Bahwan Logistics is the best choice.

Oman Shipping Company SAOC

The Oman Shipping Company (OSC) has a fleet of 49 modern vessels. The company’s business investments align with the fast-growing industrialization of the Sultanate. The company’s efforts to preserve the maritime history of Oman and nurture young Omanis interested in maritime careers are key components of its corporate social responsibility efforts. It also offers various employment opportunities for young Omani people. It also employs more than 7,000 locals and expatriates.

Oman Shipping Company is part of the Sultanate’s drive to become a global logistics hub, providing rapid distribution capabilities in the Middle East and beyond. It also acts as a gateway to global markets. Its capabilities are increasing as part of the fleet renewal programme. It provides a range of services ranging from ship owning to chartering and technical management. The company operates three subsidiaries – Oman Maritime Transport Company, Oman Shipping Company SAOC and Oman Rail Company L.L.C.

Despite its relatively young age, Oman Shipping has already earned a reputation as an employer of choice. Its highly competitive remuneration package has helped it gain a strong reputation as an employer of choice. Oman Shipping understands the importance of high-calibre crews and therefore offers an attractive remuneration package. Moreover, the company offers a comprehensive training program that develops the technical expertise of Omani maritime personnel.


If you need a logistics company in the Middle East, ASYAD is the company to go with. Their services span the port, free zones, and multimodal transportation, making them one of the most comprehensive providers in the region. Read on to find out how they can help you. Listed below are some of the benefits of ASYAD. For more information, visit their website. Also check out the free trial offer on the ASYAD website.

ASYAD Group offers a variety of shipping and logistical solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the GCC, Africa, and Asia. Its integrated service provides unmatched security and control over operations. In addition to its services, ASYAD also owns and operates its own logistics facilities in the country, allowing it to cater to customers’ exact needs. A recent survey revealed that more than half of ASYAD’s customers come from overseas, which is a strong indication that the company is a leading global player.

ASYAD is a logistics company with its headquarters in Qaboos, the Sultanate of Oman. Its facilities include three deep ports, three free zones, and a new rail and road network. Asyad has the expertise and technology to help your business succeed. It also has five airports and a multimodal transportation network that allows for seamless service. The logistics company is dedicated to improving the lives of its customers.

One Worldwide Group

One Worldwide Group (OWG) is a logistical company in Oman that specializes in transport, warehousing, and architecture. The company is headquartered in Muscat, Oman, and has over 100 employees. The company’s services encompass transportation and warehousing, and includes e-commerce. The company also offers full maritime services. Its extensive fleet of 60 vessels connects the Sultanate of Oman with more than 80 commercial ports in 40 countries around the world.

With over 24 years of experience in the logistics industry, One Worldwide Group is among the most renowned companies in Oman. With a high level of customer satisfaction, the company has achieved many accolades and continues to grow and expand its services across multiple platforms. The company offers both national and international shipping for competitive prices, and is committed to the highest safety standards. The company also offers custom-made container solutions.

Asyad Shipping is one of the first logistics companies in Oman to open its doors. The company plans to connect Oman with key southeast Asian growth markets and provide exciting new opportunities for its customers. The company’s own logistics facilities and network enable it to deliver exceptional security and control. The company’s goal is to make Oman a top ten logistics hub by 2040. And with this vision in mind, One Worldwide Group has made Oman a logistical hub that meets the needs of both domestic and international companies.