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Celebrity style Indo western Hakoba beautiful collection of blouses

All the blouses are of the best quality and it’s very comfortable also. Hakoba blouses are the love of every woman because of their trendy look and comfort. The blouse is the second name of ethnic outfit. If you want to look classy and rich then invest in this type of blouse because these will go with any type of function, occasion and party. These blouses will give you a classy and rich look. We have a beautiful collection of Hakoba blouses that every girl should have in this wardrobe. We all buy new and expensive clothes at every function and we waste a lot of money in that don’t worry girls just buy any neutral colour Hakoba blouse and create more than 100 looks with it.

Alluring puffy sleeves Hakoba blouse design

Beautiful puffy sleeves blouse. The hand area is of puffy sleeves with chikankari work all over the blouse. The neck area is very fancy with a beautiful floral pattern. These types of blouses are very comfortable and best for summer. This will give you a perfect picture look. Best for party wear and special for special functions. Match this beautiful blouse with a gorgeous Georgette saree and a little bit of makeup with gold plated jewellery.

Trendy Hakoba beautiful red stylish blouse

This is the perfect combination of a western plus Indian look. Very unique Hakoba blouse with cotton lining inside the blouse. Off sleeves with beautiful clothes floral stitching work which I find attractive and gorgeous. The full blouse has a small dotted fancy touch. The neck area is of “V” cut and trendy. Match this beautiful floral gorgeous red blouse with a gorgeous red saree or any multi-colour saree. To enhance your look, wear any silver plated jewellery with beautiful bangles.

Gorgeous red floral touch Hakoba blouse design

The very beautiful and attractive design of the Hakoba blouse. This will give you a perfect vibe of an Indian look and make you feel confident. Simple yet gorgeous blouse with bold red colour. The half puffy sleeves with small dotted floral print all over the blouse. The beautiful white Lily flowers on the neck and hand area are just awesome. These types of blouses are perfect for weddings and special events. Match this gorgeous blouse with a white or red saree, it’s all about good dressing sense and you will look like a celebrity.

Gorgeous chikankari work white Hakoba blouse design

Chikankari is something that looks beautiful in every outfit and in every function. Chikankari work has been trending for years and this trend can never get old. This work is famous because of its simplicity with the art of elegance and creativity with thread. It’s not easy to make a design with only thread and as well as heavy work. This blouse has puffy sleeves with dotted holes and a triangle cut on the hands. The chest area is full of chikankari work and beautiful cuts. Match this beautiful blouse with any of your favourite saree and accessories.

Gorgeous red puffy sleeves blouse of Hakoba

Very beautiful and attractive gorgeous blouse design. Soft cotton lining all over the blouse. This blouse is of puffy sleeves with bold floral lace at the ends. The chest area is of “V” cut with bold lace on the sides of the blouse. The perfect combination of red plus chikankari works in one blouse. Pair this beautiful floral printed blouse with any Georgette saree or silk saree. To make it fancy, do a little bit of makeup and light jewellery. Perfect for parties and for daily wear also.

Attractive backless chikankari work of Hakoba blouse

This will give you a perfect celebrity look without too much investment, a very bold backless blouse with soft work in it. These types of blouses are very comfortable yet so gorgeous, perfect for Summers. Just match this beautiful blouse with any of your black saree for an extremely beautiful look, and don’t forget to wear some oxidised jewellery and some simple bracelets, which will change the overall look.


All the blouses are super comfortable and beautiful. These types of blouses are very classy with soft work. The chikankari work in all the blouses changed the overall look of the blouses. Hakoba blouses are made up of soft cotton material with a touch of chikankari work. Perfect for parties, occasions and for festivals. Just pick up any of these blouses are create unlimited gorgeous looks.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal