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Can You Buy Cardamom Seeds At An Indian Grocery Store?

Meta Description- Knowing the best place with the best quality to buy cardamom seeds at an Indian grocery store will help you get organic, pure, and authentic product.


It is challenging to get good-quality cardamom seeds in Germany. People, specifically Indians who have been in Germany for a longer period, often search for a place that deals with pure, clean, and good quality cardamom seeds. We are fortunate to discover a platform, an Indian grocery store in Germany you can visit and start purchasing cardamom seeds quickly through this unique hassle-free platform.

Buying Cardamom Seeds In Germany

Several Indians in Germany usually look for Indian spices as they want the taste in their meals to be as flavorful as they have when being in India. A few people often add cardamom seeds to their meals every day due to their aroma, flavor, and taste. Cardamom seeds are usually found as black cardamom and green cardamom. They need black cardamom to add while preparing biryani, pulao, or plain rice and curry foods to add a delightful taste to their cuisines. Besides, green cardamom is useful while preparing rice, and shahi dishes, such as shahi paneer, shahi chicken, soups, dal, or in deserts and tea. However, finding high-quality cardamom seeds in Germany can be time-consuming and expensive.

A few offline and online stores sell cardamom seeds, but the cardamom seeds’ quality is a must to see to get the real taste of the food you prepare. You must check the quality, manufacturer, expiry date, and other useful details of the product to find if the cardamom seeds you are buying are of good quality or not.

You may get many deals from grocery portals that help save your efforts and time. Hence, before purchasing cardamom seeds from an online platform, ensure it is legitimate since it is crucial to add good quality ingredients to your foods.

Tips To Buy The Best Quality Cardamom Seeds   

While buying cardamom seeds, you must check a few things that prove the product’s quality. A user-friendly and hassle-free interface, secure payment modes, consumer evaluations, and views are all things to consider while buying cardamom seeds.

Here we have included a few tips on buying the highest-quality cardamom seeds.

·         Buy organic and pure cardamom seeds that are considerably more prone to have minimal pollutants.

·         The ideal approach to buying cardamom seeds is to ensure it is without impurities.

·         High-quality organic cardamom seeds are now available in Germany’s well-known grocery store, Dookan.

Why Buy Cardamom Seeds Through Indian Grocery Store?

An Indian supermarket and grocery store, delivers cardamom seeds and other Indian spices and foods throughout Germany. It meets all the requirements you often look for while buying spices or groceries. The platform offers high-quality black cardamom and green cardamom seeds. Besides, they have groceries in stock and various quantities for your convenience.

Specifications Of Cardamom Seeds

Black Cardamom

  • Indian Name- Badi Elaichi
  • Brand Name- TRS and Swagat
  • Weight- 50g
  • Price- 79,00 Kč and 49,00 Kč
  • Availability- In Stock
  • Origin- India

Storage Instructions- You must store it in a dry and cool place.

Green Cardamom

  • Indian Name- Elaichi
  • Brand Name- Swagat
  • Weight- 50g
  • Price- 99,00 Kč
  • Availability- In Stock
  • Origin- India

Storage Instructions- You must store it in a dry and cool place.

How To Buy Cardamom Seeds From Online Store?

The steps to buying cardamom seeds from the online store are as follows:

·         Go to the online grocery store or download the application.

·         Find the cardamom seeds, green or black, and add them to your grocery cart.

·         Check out for applicable deals and discounts and apply them while checking out.


If you want to buy cardamom seeds in Germany, you might be wondering about getting the best quality product and the best value for your money. Learning how to recognize quality grains and checking labeled instructions will help you get the right grocery item.

With the best deals and prices, reasonable delivery charges, and a promise to provide products in 24 to 48 hours, Dookan serves its customers at its best. It also offers free delivery to every Asian expat in Austria, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, and many other European Union countries. Besides, it offers free delivery to consumers in Germany who buy products of 49 USD or above.