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Family Photo Styles
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Bring Life to Your Walls With Family Photos – A Complete Guide


Family and our personal life are so important, as the family always stands tall whenever you are in trouble. The unconditional love and zillion memories must be reflected through your home.

Personalizing your house with beautifully captured moments in the form of wall prints is fantastic. It makes your house a home and adds warmth and love.

Let’s discuss some fantastic family photo styles and tips by which you can make the best of your photos.

Portrait on the Staircase Wall

A staircase is a place full of hustle, which is a  busy space. However, striking portraits of your family members will make the climbing worthwhile.

You can hang black and white or color portraits of all the members with centerpieces saying ‘FAMILY.’ You can accessorize it with all other wall decors.

Before mounting the pieces, make sure each piece is approximately 150 cm above the step and create a common center through the thread. It must be at eye level and look good in any type of arrangement.

A wall display for creating a timeline

A large wall display looks magnificent. You can add several photos of a single shoot, a couple, one with children, and create a wholesome look. It looks good on a sizable wall of the living room or bedroom.

Always hang the wall art, such that the midpoint of the canvas is 57 inches above the ground. The eye-level placement brings out the true essence of any wall art.

A collage for various moments

If you can’t take a few pictures, don’t worry and display all your favorites in the form of a collage.

You can place this collage on the dining room wall. Also,  Your eye level lowers while sitting. So during dining, to get the perfect view of the wall art, ride it a little lower.

Framed photo grid

Framed photo grid

If or an entire wall with framed family photos by creating a grid. Make sure you leave at least a 2 to 4 inches gap between small frames and 6 to 12 between large structures. Proper spacing looks very precise.

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You can create a small grid over a fireplace or a piece of furniture. Again, mind the ratio and go for the photo print canvas, two-thirds or three-fourths of the furniture.

DIY Photo Hanging

Take out your polaroid prints and hang them in series from invisible threads. Tie all the threads to a large wooden log to create rust wall art. You can use string light for a dreamy effect. They will look good in your cozy nook.

Create Photo Ledges

Order your framed photos on a series of shelves. Layer the design with various shapes, colors, and sizes to foster maximum visual appeal. Then, you can mount them on your bedroom wall.

 Colorful mosaic wall

Create an offbeat mosaic photo wall idea by sticking your colorful square prints to a colored paperboard. Yes, it’s that easy. You can stick it on your gallery wall or over your study table.

Reasons Why You Should Be Displaying Family Photos In Your Home

Family Photos
  • Family photos make you feel at home. When you look at those photos, it makes you feel nostalgic and motivates you to spend more time with your loved ones.
  • It’s a wholesome moment when a child grows up and witnesses all his childhood trips and special occasions in pictures. He feels very connected.
  • Wall photos are a significant decor element, which looks premium and provides a polished look to your home. It looks even great when they are your selected photos.
  • It allows the visitors to see your family in photos and can be a great conversation starter.

Let’s Wrap it

Take all your photos hidden away in a closet and image print them into canvas or prints to create fantastic wall art. DIY some pictures and hang lovely canvas so that your wall can narrate your story.

Muhammad Asad Raza