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Black Diamonds: How Do You Find the Best for Your Soulmate

3D Black Diamonds - 18 Gems - Grey Background

Unlike other diamonds, black diamonds are quite rare. Meanwhile, some diamonds may have had their hue intentionally altered to black. Genuine black diamonds, on the other hand, maybe found in their natural form as well. Besides, the stone is more than just a collection of impurities that gives it the appearance of being black, as it has a unique structure that influences how the light is refracted and absorbed by the stone.


The symbolism of black diamonds is comparable to that of other diamonds. However, it also has a distinct and individual meaning of its own. For instance, aside from the apparent symbolism associated with white diamonds, black diamonds represent eternity, faithfulness, love, and purity. 


So, if you’re planning on celebrating something together with your better half, consider buying jewellery that uses black diamonds, like the  diamond riviera bracelet Such stylish pieces help you convey how much you care and adore the person in your life. But how can you gauge whether such pieces are worth it? This article will discuss everything you need to know about this gem. 


Diamond Standards

A diamond has characteristics that are distinct from others, similar to the uniqueness of a human fingerprint. These characteristics are the so-called 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and weight. In addition, the internationally recognised standards of grading determine a diamond’s quality.



As a buyer or collector, understanding the diamond colour is vital to help you choose the right diamond. Most of the time, evaluating the quality of the gem is based on the absence of colour. A chemically pure diamond has no hue or colour like a drop of pure water. However, it’s usually the one that has a higher value in the marketplace.


This is not to say that black diamonds are not in demand. Instead, it often depends on how or where they are used in other pieces. The diamond RIVERA bracelet, for example, is made of 18K white gold and set with round brilliant cut black diamonds totalling 0.65ct in a circular pattern. It is topped with a delicate 18-cm double chain and a lobster clasp, which gives it a more elegant appearance. Furthermore, this bracelet is adaptable to lesser lengths to accommodate any wrist size or layered appearance.



The clearer or more flaw-free the diamond is, the more dazzling and precious it is regarded as being. Meanwhile, internal faults are referred to as inclusions, whereas exterior flaws are blemishes. To be clear, inclusions are internal imperfections that are present inside the structure of the object.


The jewellers and gemologists generally assess the clarity of a diamond on a scale ranging from FL (flawless) through VVS (very slightly included), SI (slightly included), and I (included), with different number gradations for each category.



The term “Cut” in the 4Cs refers to the quality of the diamond’s cut and is often considered the most significant of the 4Cs. However, it does not relate to the form or size of the diamond. Instead, it often relates to how effectively the stone is proportioned, faceted, and polished. 


This property, likewise, dictates the way the diamond interacts with light. The diamond’s cut will be used to determine its brilliance, which is defined as the capacity of the diamond to refract light towards the observer. Besides, neither colour nor clarity makes any difference in this situation.



One of the four characteristics of a diamond is its weight, which is the most objective of the four. And when it comes to measuring small weights, precision and balance are essential. The carat is measurable using a digital scale that is highly exact and calibrated. As such, due to the rarity of large diamonds compared to their lesser counterparts, their value rises as their carat weight increases. And although the rise in value is greater than the increase in size, the value growth is not proportional.


When purchasing a piece of jewellery for your love, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the choices. So before making a purchase, you may always opt for a benchmarking exercise. Or you may visit jewellery stores and browse jewellery that will be suitable for your loved one.