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FFXIV – Best Ways of Farming Gil

There’s plenty of opportunities for us to strike it rich in FFXIV.

As the game has evolved over the years, we have been introduced to more ways in which we can make as much FFXIV gil as possible. This comes at the perfect time, as when you take into account the amount of gil that we need as we go through the game, it can be very useful to have plenty to spend. Here we will be delving into the ways in which you can farm the currency that you need.

Treasure Maps

When it comes to farming gil, you have to consider treasure maps. Those who have a grasp of Disciples of the Land will have already come across treasure maps, though you can find them over at the market board too. When getting into a map party, you can really make the most of this technique. That said, it won’t be an easy task if you do want to get into a party, so make sure that you are prepared. In this particular instance, you will be hunting for treasure and squaring off with a deadly enemy to get the loot that you desire.


Along with Disciples of the Land, the Disciples of the Hand are also a lucrative way of making gil. In fact, these two ways are some of the best ways in the whole game to make gil. Which brings us onto the crafting aspect of FFXIV, in which we have profitable classes that we can use to start rolling in the money.

These profitable classes include the likes of the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Culinarian and the Goldsmith. These classes will be able to give you the gear and materials that you have been looking for. The fact that many players choose not to craft the more basic items in the game to be sold means that they are more often than not in high demand. Taking that into account, you could make some easy gil by crafting simple items.

Eureka Instance

Up there with the very best methods is using the Eureka instance. Here you will find many FFXIV players making the most of the gil that they can farm here. In the Forbidden Land, which is available after finishing “And We Shall Call It Eureka” that you gain from Rhalgr’s Reach, you can start to make the riches that you desire.

To do this, you will need to talk with Rodney, as opposed to searching the duty finder to look where you need to go. At this point, you can start teaming up with other players so that you have a party ready to go. Once the necessary missions are done, you can then start to work through the instance raids that are available.

In these raids, you will have to get the cracked clusters and Anemos lockboxes. Inside the lockboxes you will be greeted with items that have a very high profit, so get them sold to start getting rich.

Gathering Materials

Another key factor that you might notice about those who choose to craft is that it can feel like a chore trying to gather the actual materials needed to start crafting. If you are up to the task of gathering yourself, then you may find that this is a sound investment of your time so that you can make plenty of gil.

The reason why a crafter’s hesitance is important where gathering materials is concerned is fairly straightforward. If there are those who don’t want to have to gather to do the crafting, then this gives you the opportunity to gather the basic materials yourself then sell them on. Sure, it might not seem like a high amount on the surface, but it is certainly a fast way for you to make gil. As you progress through the gathering levels, you will then be able to make even more gil than before.

Alternatively, there are other ways in which the gathering skill can benefit you. Gathering materials for profit is viable, and one of the best methods is through mining. As you level your mining up, you will be gaining access to the likes of shards and crystals. When mining these, you can start to earn a hefty amount of gil.

Otherwise, you could choose to buy FFXIV gil. That said, you would need to ensure that there are sellers out there that are legitimate. Not that this is a method that you need to go with if you don’t wish, as there are still plenty of ways to farm gil in FFXIV. Given that we have to spend so much of the currency during our time in the game, it’s good to know that we have a number of techniques to start gathering riches.

Have you tried any of these FFXIVgil farming methods? Let us know in the comments section below! For more gaming related currency, items, skins, accounts, & power levelling, visit

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