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How social media affect your attention span

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These days people consume a lot of information on social media platforms whether they find it valuable or purposeful. Consuming content in high quantity can create information overload, in which we tend to read a lot irrespective of whether the information has been useful or not. So in this article, we will discuss how social media app affect your attention span.

When users read content in quantity, they actually do not read it, they just skim it. So skimming content has become a normal way of getting information on social media.

People are becoming technology addicted, they check their phones more than 50 times a day. They keep on scrolling their feeds on various social media apps, which is actually decreasing their attention span.

Responding to social media notifications has become a way of life, people are living their life being dependent on social media for all purposes.

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The sort of lifestyle that we are living today is degrading the quality of our life and making us dull and inactive in our activities, we have listed some ways in which social media affect your attention span.

Declining Attention span:

Attention span refers to the amount of time we spent on any activity before getting distract. People become distracted when they divert their attention to some other activity without completing the first previous activity or task.

It is in note that people tend to spend most of their time on any particular activity until it motivates and entices them.

But less attention span doesn’t mean that the content creators are not creating high-quality content, it’s a general tendency of humans to divert their attention from one activity to another after a few seconds.

As per a recent report, it has been observe that the attention span of humans has decrease from 12  seconds to 8 seconds in 2022, and has been declining further.

This means that on average a person loses their attention on any activity, after every eight seconds.

After every eight seconds, the user gets distract from their previous activity and starts using another app or activity.

Effects of decreased attention span:

There can be very drastic effects of decreased attention span on the mind of a person. Decreased attention means that the person is not able to focus on any activity for a minimum period of time.

For instance, a person checks out reels and short videos for engagement purposes on social media apps, which is a major reason for the decreased attention span of social media users.

Constant attention decline causes multi-tasking, which actually impacts the quality of your life. when you do multitask you tend to lose your attention on any activity for a long.

Decreased attention span is a symptom of multitasking and quick gratification that people are looking forward to while using social media apps.

Less attention span can degrade your performance and can get to difficulty in communication with others. Because less attention means, you will not pay attention to bits and bytes of every conversation.

Increase your attention span:

There are many ways that you can use to increase your attention span which is a need in today’s world where content consumption has become a habit. The habit of constantly switching to multiple apps and features is causing a threat to decreased user attention.

You can increase your attention span by following ways.

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Storytelling
  • Reading books for a long duration at a stretch.
  • Do not multitask
  • Do meditation
  • Keep yourself engaged

Attention span is an important factor to improve the ability of one’s mind, social media interaction is making people become more and more addict to its features like shorts and reels which is making them use their mobile phones for a long time.


In conclusion, we would like to mention that increasing your attention span is very important if you really want to make your life healthy and active. Decreased attention span can make you feel dull and make your performance poor and not up to the mark.

Hope this article helped you get an idea about how social media app can affect your attention span.

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