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Best International Travel Data SIM Cards


Travelling abroad is an adventure—especially if you can stay in touch with friends, family, and your boss back home. But phone companies often charge high prices for international roaming, and finding a local SIM card when you land isn’t always easy. The best solution is to get an international SIM card before you go. In this guide, you will know about the best international sim card for travel to help get you connected around the world.

SimCorner: Best for international travellers

SimCorner foreign data SIM cards allow your phone to connect to the networks of the country you’re visiting, ensuring a strong signal and access to 4G data while travelling overseas. For travel in the United States of America, the company provide the greatest international data SIM card deals. While all of the SIM cards save you money on roaming costs, buying this prepaid SIM Card before you leave will save you around $40 compared to buying the same plan in a T-Mobile store. In short, this is one of the best international SIM cards.

KnowRoaming: Best for infrequent travellers

KnowRoaming is a good choice for infrequent travellers. It’s the only service that works with multiple devices simultaneously, so if you have multiple devices and want to use them abroad, this is the SIM card for you.

KnowRoaming offers both micro and nano SIM cards; however, they do not accept international credit cards or PayPal as methods of payment—only bank transfers, which can be tricky if you’re travelling outside your country and don’t have access to one. If you’re going on an extended trip abroad, getting a pay-as-you-go data plan from a local provider instead is recommended because it will be cheaper per MB than KnowRoaming (and those prices will vary depending on where in Europe you travel). Click here

KeepGo: Best for light data users

KeepGo is a great option for people who don’t need a lot of data. The free plan includes unlimited data, while the paid plan includes 1GB of data for $10 per month. If you need more than 1GB per month, consider KeepGo’s Premium plan with unlimited data for $25 per month.

GigSky: Best for Apple users

GigSky is the best international travel data SIM card for Apple users. It works with all iPhones, iPads and Macs, and all these products:

  • iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X
  • iPhone X/8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S /5S /5C /5 (compatible with LTE bands B1-B3-B4-B7-B12)
  • iPad Air 2 / Pro 9.7″ (compatible with LTE band B1)

Truphone SIM Card

Truphone’s global SIM card is the one that’s made for travellers. It has a global network and app, so it doesn’t matter where you go—you can use it anywhere. The company’s global phone number works on any carrier around the globe, so your friends will always be able to reach you no matter where in the world you are. You also get international voicemail and data abroad at no extra cost. For more information

With the right SIM card, you can stay connected while travelling abroad

With the best international sim card, you can stay connected while travelling abroad. Whether you’re just visiting for a few days or going on an extended trip around the world, there are plenty of options for staying connected without having to pay international data roaming charges. You won’t have to worry about finding Wi-Fi hotspots and using a phone at slow speeds with these affordable options:

Get a SIM card in the country you are visiting. This is the most affordable way to get your phone working while overseas. If it’s available and supported by your carrier, this may be all that’s needed since many countries offer local service plans through AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA that use their networks in other countries.