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Best Gaming Laptops
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Best Gaming Laptops of 2019

We are living in the 20th century, also known as the century of technology. We need to stay updated with everything that is going around us. So we need smartphones to do all the work and to keep up with the rest of the world. But smartphones cannot do all the work which is required to get the job done. Because smartphones are simply a portable device and we cannot put so many things in a small piece of tech.

Best Gaming Laptops

The things we cannot do on smartphones we can do that on a laptop. From watching a movie to making a professional document. But there is some degree of things; even a standard laptop can do. For increasing the performance and quality of our work, we have, Gaming Laptops. If you are a power user, you want to play super high intense games with ultra-graphics. So, to give the best experience of both the worlds. This list is of the best gaming laptops you can buy in 2019.


As we all know that Asus is one of the best laptop manufacturers. And getting a gaming laptop from them is the best thing that can ever happen to you. It has the world’s best higher refresh rate display. It is now available as one of the best sounding laptops on earth. You can get a great discount on electronic devices online using Croma offers.

It also comes with the latest processors from Intel which is being clocked at more than 5 GHz. At max, this processor can go up to 5.6 GHz. And 5.6 GHz on a laptop is no joke. You won’t find any lag in games and the company also claims that if you ever encounter any type of lag within 1 year, then they will send you your money back. For the super-fast UI experience, they have added a 64 GB LPDDR4 generation RAM clocked at 3600 MHz.

If this isn’t fascinating, then they have inserted an RTX2080 graphics processor which itself is the fastest, the best graphics chip available on the planet. To power, all these monster specs laptop contains an MSI gaming motherboard with ASUS manufactured PSU unit. But the best laptop comes under serious pricing, and that is just 2 lakh rupees. This device is highly recommended for a power user, not recommended for office guy.


MSI, what can we say about this company? They are super famous regarding their laptops, not the normal ones. They only make Gaming Laptops. Everyone in the technology industry knows how powerful and portable these devices are. So, coming to the latest invention from MSI, the MSI G63 is an incredible gaming laptop that packs an amazing performance.

This laptop has the latest i7-7700HQ processor, one of the top CPUs available from Intel and following that MSI is providing the best GTX GPUs in their G63 series. This monster combination of CPU and GPU runs on a 1TB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive). Considering it also comes with the 1TB version of the same SSHD.

MSI is providing you with 15 inches of LCD with 99% of colour accuracy. So for gaming and professional use, this laptop is highly recommended.

Razor Blade 17

A company that only makes a gaming-related accessory, which makes the flagship type Gaming Laptops. This laptop is considered to be the Samsung of the laptop world. Mean, they only make super high-end gaming laptops which costs us the fortune. What makes this laptop that much expensive?

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It’s the carbon fibre material. We all know that carbon fibre is said to be seven times stronger than normal steel. Not just the material, the overall design aesthetics of the laptop is unique. The specs on this machine are worth its money.

And those are:-

  • i7-7700K desktop CPU @5.5 GHz
  • Nvidia RTX2080 with 12 GB of VRAM
  • 32 GB of LPDDR4X RAM
  • 94 WHr Battery
  • And a 4K display.

This laptop is for the person who wants to experience gaming at a highly insane level.

Acer Predator 21 X

Here comes the beast of the beasts. The Acer Predator gaming laptop.

As the name represents, it is the predator. Starting with the pricing of $10,000, this packs the performance which no other laptop in this list has. If the price does not make you faint, then there is the packaging in which this beast comes. This thing comes in a travelling suitcase which again contains several departments.

Those departments contain different types of accessories that Acer is providing — talking about the specification of this laptop. It has an i7-7850H CPU, and two Nvidia RTX1080 GPU packed with 64 GB of LPDDRX4 memory. It is not recommended for a normal gamer or an editor, highly recommended for industrial use. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Conclusion :

So, this was the list of powerful gaming laptops we have on the market in 2019. We hope if you are planning to buy a gaming laptop in the near future then this list will definitely help you.

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