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Best Dog Breeds for Active Households or People

While individual dogs are always different, sometimes, certain factors about a dog breed’s origin can contribute to its characteristics. For instance, working or herding dogs are often energetic and active. 

You may check this dog breed information guide to get a better insight into the characteristics of any breed. If you are an active person or you have an active household, then you need a pet that can keep up with the activities. Dog breeds that are very active need both physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and thriving. 

In this article, we will list dog breeds that will be a perfect fit for an active household or individual.

However, if they aren’t given a proper outlet for the extra energy they have, they may become quite destructive. Hence, unless you have enough activities lined up for the dogs we will be listing in this article, getting any may not be a great idea. 

Also, the breeds in this article are different in appearance, size, and temperament. The one thing common about them is the excess energy they have to burn. 

With that being said, let us get right into the list…

1. Australian Shepherds

Australian shepherds are known to be not just active but smart as well. They love dog sports and excel in them. This breed had the original duty of herding livestock, so even till now, they love being busy. 

If you get one, then you need to ensure it gets enough activities to let out the extra energy. If you don’t, then you may notice it making “work” for itself. This work most likely would involve it chasing animals and even people. 

Some Australian shepherds might become aloof or stubborn if they are not given proper training, sufficient exercise, and stricture. 

2. Weimaraner

This dog breed originally had hunting duties, so it isn’t surprising that they still enjoy moving and running a long distance. They are quite friendly and some may be very hyperactive. If they aren’t given enough exercise or structured training, they might become stressed and/or destructive. 

3. Border Collies

Border collies were bred as nimble herders. So, they are very intelligent and have great stamina. They are naturals at disc competitions and agility. You can visit to learn some tips on how to practice agility with your dog at home. 

While they make great pets, you would also need to attend to one of their most crucial needs. You need to give them a job. While their innate instinct is herding, this can be reshaped. They can use this instinct to complete puzzle games and chase toys. 

4. Belgian Malinois

This breed is often used in law enforcement. So, if you want to get one as your pet, you should be ready to provide it with a job so it can thrive. 

Ensure it regularly participates in sports. Also, do not skip out on everyday physical exercise. For mental exercise, try tracking and nose work. 

5. Siberian Husky

This breed was originally used to drag sleds so it shouldn’t be surprising that any member of the bread would need ample exercise. 

You may decide to embrace its innate instincts and let it pull a sled for fun. Huskies also typically enjoy hikes, runs, and daily walks. 

However, huskies’ coats are very thick, so they can overheat when the climate is hot. So, you need to be careful about this if you choose to get a Siberian husky. 

6. Boxer

Boxers are easy to love, goofy, and sometimes hyperactive. Boxers can be great companions for almost all types of families. However, they need enough exercise and structure. 

Some boxers enjoy the company of other dogs. If yours is like this, then you can leverage dog daycare to also help burn the extra energy. Games and long walks are also compulsory. 

7. Irish Setters

These were originally fast hunting dogs, so they still need enough exercise every day that can be equivalent to the work they would have done if they were hunting. 

Irish setters love to please but they can be difficult to control. Fortunately, they respond quite well during training. They also thrive in sports, which include tracking, agility, and obedience. 

8. Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is quite hard-working and has very high energy. They are built with stamina and a drive that allowed them to herd cattle daily. 

Due to this, they can easily become bored when used as pets; this is unless they are given enough mental stimulation and exercise. They enjoy puzzle games and learning tricks.

9. Dalmatians

Historically, Dalmatians ran alongside carriages to protect them. This origin has left an imprint in them that keeps them wanting to work. If no job is given, they can get quite hyper. Some may even pick up bad habits like excessive barking. You can read this to learn how to curb excessive barking in your dog. 

As an active person, this breed can be a great hiking or running partner. 


Having a dog is fun but having a dog that matches your or your household’s energy level is even more fun. Not all dogs are active so if you are an active person or your household is, then you need an equally active dog. In this article, we have listed some dogs that are perfect for active households and individuals. However, if you decide to own an active dog, then you have to ensure you keep it occupied with activities: Not doing this can cause it to get destructive.

Muhammad Asad Raza