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Diskdigger data recovery app

Best Data Recovery Applications of 2019

Data, the raw material plays an important role in keeping our memories and memorable moments safe. Sometimes we move outside of our home with our family members and make our day memorable and beautiful we sometimes capture such beautiful memories in the camera or in our cell phones.

The capture moments in the camera remember us all the beautiful and pleasant moments of the past. As these moments are important you need to protect such data so it can always highlight your memorable moments. To keep your data secure sometimes, you make copies or store into the google drive, mega, Dropbox or other online storages.

After all these protections there will always a chance that data can be lost due to some malicious attack or by some non-spontaneous actions. In case of loss of data, you try to look for an application or software that can recover your deleted data or files from the phone. Sometimes we try too many applications but nothing will happen. But, if this is happening with you and you continuously looking for recovery applications or recovery tools for android then stay with me because here I am going to introduce you some greatest recovery apps for android.

Top recovery software


Diskdigger data recovery app

DiskDigger is the most popular recovery application for android available in the app store. This recovery application can recover any type of data within a few minutes. This deleted data recovery application can recover deleted data and recover lost photos and images from your phone memory internal storage or from SD card without rooting our device. You can recover your lost data whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or even accidentally format your memory card, DiskDigger is a most powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them and let you restore them.

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EaseUs – Data Recovery App

EaseUs Data Recovery

This recovery application can recover all types of data such as photos contacts videos and audio files one can easily recover his or her data that is accidentally deleted from phone memory. No rooting is needed to recover lost data just install this recovery software and open it to recover your deleted files from the phone. This recovery application or software makes a backup of recovered data so next time it can easily be recover if it again deleted.

Audio Recovery

Recover deleted audios

Recover your deleted audio recording files like audio, audio recordings, audio call recordings or WhatsApp audio recordings with this recovery software. I prefer this because it has the ability to recover 30 GB data at a time. For further recovery, rooting is needed drawback of this application is that it required root access to recover deleted data. After rooting your device, it allows you to recover all your deleted data within a few minutes

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