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Comments for Friends on Instagram

What Are the Best Comments for Friends on Instagram?

If your friend posts anything on Instagram then you are the only one who is going to comment on her posts which will hype your friend’s positivity. So, here are some comments that you can post on your best friend’s Instagram photos and cheer her up. All these comments for your friend’s posts on Instagram come into play. Any of these Instagram comments will work for any snap or the best picture for sharing with your BFF. Along with some cute emojis, your kind words will make your BFF feel as special as you know.

Comments on Selfie Posts on Instagram 

Some lovely comments on the best friend pic: – 

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know in the comments that my best friend looks this good every day 
  2. I can’t ignore it. Your selfie is just too stunning 
  3. I’m sending NASA this selfie because you’re a star 
  4. How is it possible to create the illusion that a phone selfie was taken at a professional photo shoot?
  5. Before you post something so beautiful, you should post a warning 
  6. You are so beautiful, my love 
  7. My superstar 
  8. You are the princess of my heart 

Comments on Adventure Posts on Instagram

List of comments on friends’ pics on Instagram: – 

  1. I want to be you for the rest of my life! 
  2. Because of you, girls’ nights are my favorite nights 
  3. This is my best trip ever because of you guys 
  4. Adventure becomes more fun when you have the best girl gang 
  5. Can we plan something again because I want to relive these moments? 

Comments on Throwback Pictures with your friend on Instagram

Some good comments on throwback pictures: – 

  1. Some good old days 
  2. Best friends forever 
  3. You have always been adorable 
  4. My life would have never been better without you 
  5. Our bond is irreplaceable 
  6. I feel lucky to have you dear
  7. You are my sister from another mother 
  8. No one can come between us 

Comments on the Makeup Look of your Best Friend 

A list of comments written below: – 

  1. Your makeup talent is awesome 
  2. Beauty 
  3. Can you post a tutorial? 
  4. Look at that queen of #NoFilter 
  5. Your beauty looks more amazing with your makeup talent 
  6. I wish I can also have look at that pretty (any naughty emoji)

Comments on Pics with Bestie on Instagram 

Some Cute Comments for Friends on Instagram: – 

  1. Sisters forever 
  2. Love you to the moon and the back 
  3. I miss you, my sweetheart 
  4. We are  always there for each other 
  5. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you. 
  6. You are my sister from another mother 
  7. Day by day our bond is becoming stronger 

Funny Comments for Friends on Instagram

A list of funny comments on a friend’s pic on the Instagram post: – 

  1. Oops it was you, I thought it was a monkey’s picture 
  2. You are lucky because you have me 
  3. Sending you in my life, God is taking revenge 
  4. I wish I can throw you in a dustbin 


These are some different types of comments that you can comment on your best friend’s post. All you have to do is copy any comment and paste it under your friend’s post. Friends are the best gift in your life. If you are lucky to have a loyal and true friend then your life will be amazing and full of fun. They will stick to you in every situation of your life and never leave you alone. For much such content visit Onlinegeeks