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Best Applications for Online Learning & Teaching

As the Epidemic of Corona is increasing, the study never needs to be stopped. Instead we all should mush in a stronger way to learn more and more beat this virus from world. This is an era of internet and nearly all the people have internet in their home. So, we need to come up with solution that studies should go on. There are many numbers of methods for learning online weather it is live lecture, recorded video or some literature that we can go through at home easily. These studies not only save our time but studying from you home you never get tired. We should never waste our time. This is best time to study even more than regular days. But how? Let me answer this, we have number of applications and areas on internet from which we can study online. Interacting live session with our teacher.

Here are some of them :

Top Application for Teaching and Learning Online:

Google Hangouts:

You can call anyone with your google account, you have access to chat box. Best feature is that you can record hangouts. And what if you are bored after 30 minutes of lecture? All are beside camera. So, how will get 5 minutes of fun and refreshing. Answer is Google Hangouts provide you fun effects use them and enjoy rest of your class.


Skype is from starting very best for video call and simple calls. It was the one among the primary application that I used for online teaching. Many people do business meeting on this application. You can save chat, to check later What assignment you gave to student. Exchange your Skype Id’s and start call now.


One of the amazing and extraordinary application specifically design for these kinds of meetings. What make zoom unique? The main reasons connection it offers. In my experience you have better meeting then on google hangouts and skype. You can easily access to its free version which includes these features.

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• Video Lectures in HD and audio lessons.
• Screen sharing option
• Writing on Screen Option
• Host have power to mute and kick anyone.
• Maximum meeting session (40 minutes)

If you’re in professional field, i’ll recommend you to shop for its premium version on $14.99/monthly only from their website. So, you can access easily to its other features.


Another good platform where you and your students can easily join and start learning. You can upload files here, videos, PDF’s anything related to studies all on this one application. Your lecture can be easily recorded and student can download and watch them later on. If they have some issues during lecture. You can take simple quiz on it.The most important feature that you can give assignment to students here and they can submit it along with private feedback.


The purpose of telling about these applications is that we should keep learning. And this should not be stopped in regular days also. In any case if the lecturer cannot give lecture, he should concede his free time alternatively record it and send to students.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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