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Digital Signage

Benefits of Digital Signage while lifting covid restrictions in companies.



Now that the ‘work from home’ season is over and the companies started reopening slowly, it is also essential to maintain safety in offices. Digital Signage is a technique that can be utilised to help people maintain social distance and stop the spreading of viruses. 

This blog focuses on how companies can use digital signages to help them ensure safety during the pandemic.

What are Digital Signages?

Digital signage refers to flat screens one can find in restaurants, malls, bus stations, banks or other public areas that communicate certain information to people. It shows ads, maps, menus and may more information corresponding to the place of installation. Multiple screens can be controlled with a single device, and information can be installed beforehand and scheduled according to the needs.  Digital signages interact with people, allowing enhanced customer experiences. Businesses use it to promote new products and attract new customers. 

How can digital signages help companies reopen safely?

Even though the government has laid down specific rules regarding safety measures to be taken in companies, each enterprise will have regulations to keep its employees safe. Digital signage technology offers opportunities that can help implement the rules better. 

  • The entrance of offices can have screens which display texts and pictures to welcome the employees back to the office. It can also be used to extend gratitude for staying with the company, even during the pandemic. This may help boost the self-worth and morale of the workers.
  • The screens can display the work location map marking the areas where visitors’ entry is restricted or not allowed at all. This marking may help employees to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of the disease. 
  • Some blocks may require a prior appointment or registration to enter into it. Companies can convey this information through the screens placed at the entrance of these blocks. The screens can also display the details on how to register. 
  • Lifts and buildings may have a set number of people allowed at a given time. The screen can display this information on the screen. The technical team can maintain an excel sheet which is connected to the screens, in which the team can update the number of people present at a particular site. Displaying this information helps people to get an idea of whether they can enter the site. 
  • The signage can display the company’s policy regarding social distancing and mask usage. Appropriate iconography and images can catch the attention of the employees. 
  • Certain organisations implement one-way hallways to maintain social distancing. With the help of digital signages, the organisation can direct the employees to the pathway they can use. 
  • Some organisations have cafes and gyms, which sometimes remain closed or are open with specific regulations. The institution can pass either of these information using digital signages at the entrance.
  • QR codes are one of the effective ways to check the menu or make payments in cafes. Digital signage can help display QR codes at relevant sites for contactless exchanges. 


The Covid 19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of people around the globe. While the world is coping with the ‘new normal’ conditions, it is crucial to ensure safety too. Digital signages have excellent potential to contribute to this, and let’s hope its potential to be used soon to its entirety.

Muhammad Asad Raza