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Certified data analyst

How do you become a Certified data analyst?

A data analyst is a professional who collects, cleans, and interprets data sets for the stakeholders to understand and use the data to make a strategic and data-driven business decision. The job profile of a data analyst has gained humongous popularity among young graduates and professionals due to digitalization and technological advancements in nearly every field. To become a data analyst, you’ll need skills in maths, communication, statistics, and working with tools designed to do data visualization and data analytics. Explore the data analyst course that can be your pathway to entering the high-demand career.

Earning a certificate from a university/college in data analytics can make you a certified data analyst. The certification earned after completing the course demonstrates their professional achievement in Data sciences. Multiple options can help you in coming to a certified data analyst. Moreover, diploma courses are shorter but can help you develop in-demand skills and knowledge.

Reading this article can help you get a clear pathway to becoming a certified data analyst.

Data analyst course: Program overview

A one-year course in data analysis is an academic program that focuses on developing industry-oriented knowledge and skills. It can help you develop skills to use technology to analyze data and transform it into useful information. The students are encouraged to learn to analyze data using cutting-edge technology during the course. Hence, the graduates of this course become versed with skills to enhance business efficiencies.

Data analyst course: Program Structure

A course that can make you a certified data analyst must cover the crucial topics central to making a career in data analytics. Here is a list of modules covered in the data analytics course:

  • Data Design
  • Working with Data using SAS and SQL
  • Data Handling and Decision Making
  • Data Visualization and Interpretation

These are broad modules that hold an array of topics to be covered. While looking for courses to become a certified data analyst, you can look for these modules in the curriculum.

What do you learn?

The data analyst courseleads to the following learning outcomes:

  • Develops knowledge of theoretical concepts and practical application of data auditing, handling, and collecting
  • Enhanced understanding of using accurate tools for data analysis and effective decision-making
  • Experience in managing and analyzing data to gain informative and valuable insights
  • Versed in using technologies SQL(Structured Query Language) and SAS during the learning process, to gain exposure
  • An acquired knowledge to use R, which is the leading language in the data science and statistics

Career Opportunities

Pursuing this data analytics course can not only help you become a certified data analyst but also open the door for various lucrative job options, including database analyst, data warehouse analyst, and data mining analyst.


In the modern business world, data analytics has become the lifeboat of any successful organization, so if you aspire to pursue a career as a data analyst, you can get plenty of scopes to learn and grow in your future. Certification in data analysis demonstrates your knowledge and skills against specific benchmarks to ensure the potential employer that you are versed with everything required to work as a data analyst. So, apply for this course and start your journey towards a successful career as a data analyst!

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