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Bamboo Undies: What Are They?

Grey Linen dress is hanging on hangman in a bamboo house room. Summer natural dress. Eco concept.

Hygiene and comfort are two sides of the same coin. One thing that keeps you clean and safe is underwear. However, it is highly likely for you to be vulnerable to materials used in manufacturing the undies. 

Some people develop rashes, whereas others get allergic reactions that can be fatal.

Due to these reasons, the Australian lingerie industry created bamboo underwear. These intricate undies have a softer and easier to dry anatomy. 

Not only that, but these are also hypoallergenic and 100% natural. Do you want to know more about these undies? Read on! 

What Is Bamboo Underwear?

The lingerie industry in Australia has a massive market size of $717 million with over 1000 businesses. Almost every company sells underwear made from bamboo. Therefore, it alludes to the popularity of this underwear. 

Bamboo trees can enter a transformative phase where they become comfortable undies for men and women. It is possible due to the advent of research and technological breakthroughs. 

In Australia, the textile processing field has found a way to create underwear through shredded bamboo. 

The technology utilises chemicals to process the bamboo into a Viscose Rayon and create lingerie. The yarn is thin and fine, allowing the underwear to feel extra soft and comfortable. Moreover, this material is the most delicate thread globally and sustainable. 

How Is It Made?

Any bamboo inner garment is curated through technological processes involving organic bamboo. In Australia, these undies get manufactured from shredded or crushed bamboo plants. Furthermore, you can even find these yarns made from bamboo waste from construction sites in some cases. 

Once collected, the crushed or shredded bamboo goes to the textile factory. The materials get sent through the plant, ensuring that every bamboo fibre gets the proper chemical treatment. 

Upon contact with these chemicals, the fibres disorient the enzyme in the crushed material. After which, it automatically turns into the softest thread. 

The Benefits of Bamboo Underwear

These undies are highly valued because of their eco-friendliness. Once you wear it, you are sure to notice the refreshing comfort. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial and has a composition that looks sleek. 

It suits men, women and older adults. So, every Australian can wear these undies without worrying. You can efficiently perform your daily activities while wearing these. 

Take a look at this list of benefits: 

  • It is softer.
  • The underwear gives you thermo-control.
  • The fabric dries faster.
  • Bamboo is natural and hypoallergenic.

Bamboo is delicate and provides comfort when you wear it. Your underwear will not feel itchy or uncomfortable. 

Most underwear made from bamboo have tiny gaps or holes that help aerate when you sweat during physical activities. Moreover, it will also evaporate the collected moisture once you wash it. 

Wearing this underwear will make you feel at ease. In Australia, this product features a thermo-control. It allows you to feel cooler as it wicks away heat and keeps your skin breathable. 

At the same time, bamboo is an excellent alternative to artificial materials as it is hypoallergenic. 

The Bottom Line 

Bamboo underwear, made from crushed bamboo, is excellent for sensitive skins. So, you will not get affected by bacteria or develop an allergy while using this product. 

Unlike silk, underwear made from bamboo is cheaper and vegan-friendly. Sometimes, the Australian market combines cotton to sew the lining or seams, ensuring next-level comfort and safety.