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Application domains of computer science engineering


Computer science engineering is the most prominent, progressive, and dynamic branch of engineering. It is prominent because thousands of aspirants choose it as their first branch of preference. It is dynamic as new technologies and research in this branch keep on advancing its scope and frontiers. It is progressive as the range of applications that are associated with it keeps on increasing day by day.

The studies related to computer science can be broadly divided into two categories. The first category is related to the engineering aspect and revolves around the development and testing of software. The second category deals with new fields where Computer Science can be applied. While the first category is taken care of by various Computer Engineering Colleges, the research in the latter category relies on various colleges for MCA. However, there is a strong overlap between the two categories in the present time as both are moving towards the practical and applied domains. This article aims to examine the application domains of computer science.


Robotics was originally developed as a field within mechanical engineering. Over a period of time, robotics technology required much more advanced but this was not possible without borrowing technology from computer science engineering. It was observed that robotics technology had reached the level of saturation because of limited research in the mechanical domain. This is where the need for a switchover emerged. With the input of computer science engineering, robotics technology transformed into smart robotics. Computer science made it possible for robotics technology to integrate with the cloud environment and incorporate and update new software.

In the present times, computer science engineering provides input to robotics in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Moreover, advancements in human-computer interaction as well as decision science have taken robotics technology to a different level. The present age of robotics is led by a new generation called humanoid technology. Examples of such humanoids include Sophia and Rashmi.

Driverless cars

Driverless cars or self-driving cars are considered as the future of transportation because they provide the safest option of mobility. While the majority of the accidents occur due to human errors, machines are relatively immune from such types of errors. When machines take charge of driving vehicles, the frequency of accidents would be drastically reduced.

The advancements in driverless cars have come due to research in the domain of computer science engineering. Automation of different types of parts as well as digital controls has made it possible to navigate across heavy traffic with a lot of ease.


The E-commerce market is enlarging its scope and becoming a very lucrative business at the present time. However, the inputs from computer science engineering are extremely important when it comes to e-commerce. Knowledge needs to be gathered and analyzed related to customers. This can then be utilized for a product recommendation, brand positioning as well as targeted marketing.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is one of the most important application domains of computer science engineering. Before analytics of data is carried out, it is extremely important to collect useful data sets and structure them in the desired manner. In simple terms, data needs to be cleaned before it can be analyzed. After this, the analysis of data is carried out based on certain selected parameters. Techniques like feature selection and feature extraction may be used here. Finally, the findings are represented through data visualization techniques so that they are comprehensible and impactful.


Computer science engineering has made significant advances in telemedicine as well. At the present time, the health records of patients are digitized through a central health repository. These can be assessed by the doctors for recommending medicine to the patient even without physical examination. In addition to this, advanced software is used to mine out minute details and carry out advanced health checkups. Targeted Drug Delivery is also possible due to the advances that we have made in the last few years.


Computer science engineering has proven that the model of online learning can act as a proper substitute for the traditional model of learning. In the present time, e-learning is provided to the students with the help of technologies like augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.

Concluding remarks

The applications of computer science engineering are slowly expanding as the research in this domain continues to scale new heights. As such, new developments may be undertaken in this field and new growth stories of computer science may be witnessed in the future.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal