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Microsoft Certifications

An outline of The Microsoft Certifications Process In 2023

Microsoft Certifications

Why should one become certified?

Earning a Microsoft Certifications is the best way to demonstrate your real-world expertise worldwide. A Microsoft Certification demonstrates that you are dedicated to keeping up with the ever-evolving technological landscape and puts you in a position to improve your professional skills, work more efficiently, and raise your earning potential.

Technical professionals report a rise in income of thirty-five percent and promotion rates of twenty-six percent as a direct result of obtaining certification. IT professionals who earn a relevant, role-based technical Microsoft Certifications perform an average of 26% better than their counterparts who need to be qualified in their field2.

Team leaders that provide their staff with assistance and encouragement to get certification can anticipate their workforce to perform at a higher level. Employees are likelier to remain with a company that invests in their professional development by providing opportunities to earn certifications3.

Obtaining a Microsoft Certification is another fantastic option for those who want to launch a career in technology. A Microsoft Certification demonstrates experience, which benefits someone just starting the business.

Beginning the Process of Obtaining Microsoft Certification

The certifications overview is an excellent place to start because it allows you to investigate credentials based on the role they play or the level they are at. On the browse certificates page, you can filter and search for the certification that you already know you want to pursue if you have already done so.

If you click the name of any certification, you will be sent to the page that provides details about that certification, including a list of the examinations you need to pass to acquire it. Some credentials call for a single exam, while others call for many. You’ll also find information on what skills are measured, how to prepare for it, and how to register on the details page that you may access here. In addition, each exam features its information page, which delves into the particulars of that exam.

Get ready for your professional examination

To begin, go to the page that explains the exam and review the abilities provided there. You can download a comprehensive explanation of the criteria that will be evaluated here. Make sure you have the necessary skills by signing up for the test. Check out the certification or exam detail sites for additional preparation choices, such as the following, if you feel you need them:

  • Free training is available online for Microsoft products. Gain knowledge through the instruction given by an instructor Practice tests
  • Additional study materials from Microsoft Press, as well as instruction provided through Microsoft Learning Partners
  • Visit the following link for more information about these and other strategies to prepare: Prepare for a test.

Register for an exam to earn your Microsoft Certification.

You can register on any exam details page whenever you are ready. While arranging the exam, you can take it either at a testing center in your area or online. Online proctored examinations offer flexible scheduling and the flexibility of taking an exam from the comfort of your home or workplace. In contrast, local test centers offer a testing atmosphere that is both secure and prepare for the exam. Microsoft has partnered with various exam providers to administer certification tests to candidates. Register and schedule an exam if you are interest in learning more about these providers, how to register, and the advantages of taking exams online instead of at test centers.

Receiving the results of your exams and obtaining your credentials

In the majority of cases, the findings of your examination will be communicate to you within a few minutes. However, the results may not display on the Prince2 Certification page of your Learn profile. So for up to a day after they have been submitted. Exam scoring and score reports are the places to go if you want additional information. Because about exam results and how to get access to them.

Please be aware that the timeframe of exam results may vary depending on whether. Because not you participate in a beta test or schedule your exam through Certiport, which is an exam provider for students and educators.

Show off your accomplishments with some badges.

Congratulations are for you if you’ve done everything required to achieve certification. When you share your badge on professional networks, incorporate it in your email signature. But include it on your resume, employers and coworkers can recognize your accomplishment and congratulate you on it. It’s time for you to show off your skills. You can view, download, and share your accomplishments with badges or certificates. Additionally, you can post a record of your success on your Microsoft transcript. Visit View and share transcripts for additional information about how to use them.

Keeping your qualification current and active

Remember that certifications based on roles and specialties become invalid after one year. Your certification will be extend for an additional year if you take the free online. So renewal assessments and do so six months before they become invalid. To find out more, go to the website to renew your certification.