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7 All-In-One Event Management Software Options in 2023

Any event’s success is based on how well all of its components are properly handled and planned. It must not only be correct but also flawless. Whether it’s a workshop with a small number of participants or a multi-day conference with millions, an event planner must possess the highest level of organizational skills to ensure success. An event consists of endless tasks that must be completed perfectly and on time, starting with the event planning and continuing with the schedule, budget, venue selection, procurement, content management, on-site operation, audience response management, and perfect execution to the post-event records.

The event management software is now available, addressing each essential requirement for exceptional performance. By keeping everything organized, this technology not only saves time but also improves guest happiness and event return on investment. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for an event management tool to handle every facet of your event. You can find the best online event registration and ticketing platforms in this session.


With the help of the feature-rich event management platform EventEngage, you can design and oversee complete virtual, physical, and hybrid events. The tool is loaded with options that let you promote, personalize, and forge an impressive brand identity for your event. You can use the tool, for example, to construct fully SEO-optimized landing pages for your event. You can hold an event using the tool and add personalized artwork to the domain of your brand. Additionally, EventEngage has you covered for member registration. To make registration as simple as possible, you can employ logic-based registration forms, provide discount coupons, and integrate payments. All of this is possible while maintaining ADA and WCAG compliance.


Dreamcast can be thought of as an international event ticketing platform that offers its users a simple way to create, plan, advertise, and track any type of event. Using the event management capabilities, which include email invitation creation, online ticket sales, attendee tracking, and planning and managing all other components of the event, it can be simply adjusted to the user’s requirements. It connects & organizes the contact database, increases sponsorship opportunities, improves the campaigning network, streamlines the ticketing process, and generates insightful event insights thanks to its robust user-friendly tools.


Boomset is an event registration system that offers guest list management, on-demand badge printing, and check-in. Using RFID-enabled wristbands, organizers are also able to track participants in addition to offering facial recognition check-in. During events, guests can even buy goods, food, and drinks with their credentials and wristbands. Boomset is a wonderful alternative to take into consideration if you’d like to add a quick check-in tool to your current event planning program. To start, see if your event management app offers a check-in feature with QR scanning if you are hesitant to adopt a special device just for attendee check-in.


ProjectManager is a scalable cloud-based project management tool that offers a method for planning, collaborating, and expediting project delivery. ProjectManager is unquestionably a solution worth taking into account if you’re looking for one that prioritizes team productivity and project organization. Despite not being created specifically for events, ProjectManager provides an organized interface of tools for managing schedules, tasks, and collaboration for event organizers to increase the effectiveness of event project management.


Eventbrite is an event registration management tool that works well for events of all sizes. Large professional gatherings like conventions can benefit from it. It works well for smaller, more private events like private seminars. You may design webpages for your events using Eventbrite. These websites may include capabilities for analytics, support, payment, and registration. Eventbrite’s mobile apps allow event organizers to manage their events. Real-time sales tracking is available. There is a portable ticket scanner for live events. In addition, it aids in staffing and equipment rentals.


With the option to register for events, check-in, receive customized agendas, give feedback through surveys, and network with other attendees in private, Eventzilla concentrates on event registration. Additionally, the email invitations and discount codes provided by this online event ticketing software aid in promoting your events.


The entire event planning process can be aided by using Aventri. Aventri is filled with features from before events, during events, and after events. It provides a directory of places and venue costs so you can plan events. For event registration, you receive a number of tools. There are floor plan design tools and guest seating options available for physical events. Every step of the way, Aventri assists you with increasing attendee engagement. This event registration software includes several ROI features that can increase ticket sales. Additionally, it has tools for sponsorship and advertising. A mobile event app that pushes sponsored content to attendees is possible. Also possible are live polling and Q&As.