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All About Fabric for Screen Printed T-Shirts

Every day, our sales agents talk to people who want to buy on-screen t-shirts for advertising projects. When asked what kind of t-shirt they are interested in, they often do not know how to answer. Many people do not understand the t-shirt manufacturer available for screen printing. They know there are options, but they reject diversity and do not know where to start. This guide covers one of the most important features that distinguishes one T-shirt from another: the fabric.


100% feathers are the “fabric of our lives”, the fabric used for t-shirts in the early twentieth century. Cotton can be compressed after washing and drying.

The 50/50 feather poly compound is 100% less than the fins for compression in a washing machine. It can be cold and dry and removes moisture from the body.

100% Polyester Paint Sublimation Idea, Screen Printing Options. Moisture control is very high.

50/25/25 The three-layer fabric includes feathers, polyester and district. American clothing This dress has become popular. It looks great on the body and spreads beautifully.

Cotton process

Some wings are “cards” and some are “spreads”. Describes how to make feathers to spin. All wings are made of cardboard, which ensures that the fibers are not tangled, but the fibers are not aligned in the same direction. Some wings are shown only to give a sense of proportion. It keeps the fibers up. Thus, the yarn is soft and the fabric is soft. Screen printing works best on soft fabrics.

Another factor is the way the fibers rotate. Open circulation is a low cost and cost effective way to produce soft fabrics. On the other hand, the threads attached to the cell end softly and gently.

You may also see the term “single”. It measures the thread size. A large number, like pearl weaving, are thin threads. The thick threads include 18 single wings. The very thin thread enters 40 single wings. Again, the high quality fabric produces incredibly soft and smooth fabrics.

The weight of the fabric

1 oz dress is a thick t-shirt. Their bodies have a lot of boxing and not too long. 6.1 oz Classic example. Tea – Hans Beef Tea.

5 oz fabric is normal. Gull’s heavy-winged T-shirt is an example of this weight. Slightly lighter than 6.1 height? There is a dress and a little more dress.

5 oz dresses are very popular in retail. A standard beautiful American jersey t-shirt is heavy.

3 or 4 oz. T-shirts can be beautiful. These “fabric jerseys” are popular with women and are usually worn in an intricate style.

Echo selection

Most screen printers opt for organic pale t-shirts. It is prepared without harmful pesticides such as organic food which has a mild effect on the environment.

Another option is customized akitextiles fins. T-shirt makers take the rest of the garment process and cut it back into feather threads. They return it through the card and spinning process so they can come back and make new clothes.

Eco Mix is ​​an emerging choice. This t-shirt combines processed or organic low yarn with polyester yarn. Some t-shirt plastic water bottles!

With this information you can choose the best T-shirt for the screening project.

Relevant items

They should not be clean or loose. They should not be too tight and should fit the shape. The stitches should be at the edges of the shoulder blade. The arm holes should not be loose or compressed. Great space for natural movement without too much fabric or too much restraint. The body of the dress should not be removed three to four inches from the body. Classic dresses have sleeves that reach halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. The arms have long straps that reach to the wrists as they extend across the body.


There are six different polo shirts. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which come at different prices and cannot be adjusted. They have advanced features such as fashion clothing, screen printing and printing. They are considered to be more suitable for adjustment purposes as they provide a higher level of comfort. They are also available in a pocket kit. They can use different materials and colors and are perfect for sports teams or brand companies. All of this is not perfect. So it is important to know what you need to set up and which one for the task or style. It is important to understand that screenplays are used when tuning.