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Afraid of using drugs to treat migraines and headaches, you don’t want to miss out on this product

The addiction to drugs which comes in the form of different medicines, is quite scary. The dependency on any medicine is harmful. Individuals that abuse prescription drugs like taking them in a manner which was not according to how the doctor had prescribed it can be quiet. The person is at risk of addiction and several other health issues that might be serious.

One such addiction comes in the face of drugs we usually take to treat headaches and migraines. Many people can’t go a day without taking painkillers. They fear the headache will worsen if they don’t have their medicine.

The usual medicines that doctors prescribe and can be found on OTC are;

  • NSAIDs; like ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Triptans; like sumatriptan, eletriptan, and rizatriptan.
  • Opiods like Oxycodone
  • Antiemetics; like metoclopramide, chlorpromazine, and prochlorperazine.
  • Ergot alkaloids; like Migranal and Ergomar.
  • Antihypertensives. .
  • Anticonvulsants. 
  • Antidepressants.

If you are afraid of using drugs but still want to treat your headache and migraines, then you should try to get yourself Headache HatTM.

What is Headache HatTM?

The Headache Hat TM is a migraine cooling hat. You can find it online. It is made of the finest fabric made of elastic material, further blended as ice packets. This design advances into eight ice channels made into preassembled channels fabricated in the hat. It holds 24 individual ice packets on the sore spots with a hook and loop closure that can be adjusted to one desired tightness and pressure.

How does it work?

The hat can be used in places wherever ever you feel pain, and it distracts and subsides it. The developer made them in a way that they can help numerous other body pains. If anybody feels neck pain, back pain, knee pain, etc., Headache HatTM can use this with or without medications.

So how was it created?

Sherri Pulie created it. According to Pullie, her migraine began as soon as she turned 9. To prevent or get over those random episodes of migraines and headaches, she does a lot of DIY stuff and other stuff that was taught to her by her mother to lessen the pain. In 2013, she was hit by a horrible migraine attack. To cure that, she used ice packs for relief. But it didn’t seem to work her way because the ice packs started to make noise and melt and drip. But she remembers that whenever she pressed the ice pack on the area where it hurt the most, the pain lessened. It was then that the idea came to her – Headache HatTM.

 After the attack, Sherri also wanted to help other people and thought hard about how to make a perfect product – the Headache Hat™.