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Did You Know That Today’s AA Meetings Are Available Via AA Meeting Locator?

Alcoholism consumes one – right from the moment they wake up to when they go off to sleep, every single second of the day. What starts from a single drink ends up becoming what you crave for all time. Then one day, you rise from the depths of your despair, wanting to let go of all the nastiness and craziness, desperate to be a better you, and that is when you start on the path to sobriety and recovery.

Starting afresh

Once you are clear in your head that you want to let go of alcohol, you know that you have already taken that all-important first step to getting back to life. To do that, you will need help in the form of local AA Meetings. 

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is a society comprising people who are in the same boat as you – those who have left drinking and are slowly but surely becoming the person they were before they took to drinking.

If you attend a local AA Meeting, you will be delighted to find a completely non-judgemental setting here. You are free to come and go as you please. There is no joining fee. AA is self-funded. Also, there are no religious, race, creed, or colours bars here. It is open to everyone.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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Did you know that there are around two million recovering alcoholics in AA all over the world? What an impressive statistic! This means that all of them are willing to take a chance on themselves and see what is out there in the big, beautiful world – one that is free from liquor and its nasty side-effects.

Most alcoholics slowly lose out on everything good on their lives. This starts with losing their family, then livelihood, and in some severe cases, their sanity. It is said that alcoholism is a family disease, one that destroys everyone and everything that the alcoholic person loves. As you are already looking up AA, it is very clear that you don’t want to be diseased any more. So, hurrah! You are placed on the first rung to personal success. 

Look for ‘AA Meeting near me if this is sparking a desire in you to at least check it out once. Once you hear the encouraging stories of those who quit being an alcoholic and saw amazing times in life, it will spark the need in you to remain sober and attain such a life for yourself too.

You can use both an AA Meeting Locator and an AA Meeting Directory to see if there are any ‘AA Meetings Near me’.

A fun and encouraging way to boost your morale whenever you feel down is using a Sobriety Calculator. This keeps a check on your sober time period. It is quite exciting to count down to the seconds you last held that glass to your lips, and so liberating to boast about it to the others! 

Muhammad Asad Raza