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A Simple Guide on How to Fix the Red Light on A Spectrum Router

Even the best internet services can sometimes falter. If that happens to your internet service, don’t worry! This guide will come in handy for those who are facing issues with a Spectrum router specifically related to the problems of red-light. 

What Does the Red Light Mean?

A red light on the router is of different types and indicates different issues. For instance, a blinking red light on your router may indicate two things. It either depicts an issue with the router itself or you might have a power problem in your area. However, if you see other lights blinking in addition to a blinking red light on the router, then it means the error is on the service provider’s end. 

How to Fix Those Red Light Issues

Apart from these two types of red-light problems, if you see a red/blue light. It could also indicate that your router is updating its firmware. In this case, it is best to let the update complete. But, if this light does not turn off by itself and you have waited for quite some time, you can try these methods to fix the error before calling Spectrum’s customer support.

1. Using the Troubleshoot Method

Running the troubleshoot can help you fix the red-light issue. Simply follow the steps given below:

  1. You can either download the ‘My Spectrum’ app on your phone or use your computer to access ‘’ 
  2. It will ask for your login credentials. 
  3. Once logged in, look for the tool labelled ‘Internet Troubleshoot’
  4. After opening that, search for the tab named ‘My Account’ 
  5. Find and click on the ‘Services’ button 
  6. Look for the option called ‘Equipment’ 
  7. Search for the button named ‘Experiencing Issues’
  8. Run it and restart the router or modem 

This should resolve the red-light problem of your router. If not, you can try the next method.

2. Rebooting the Router

Since the other method did not work, carefully follow these steps to restart the router. 

  1. Switch off the router at the source where it is plugged in.
  2. Take out the batteries of the router and put them away.
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes like that.
  4. After waiting a few moments, the batteries back into the router.
  5. Connect the router to the source of its power.
  6. Give it a few minutes then turn on its switch.
  7. Wait until the router starts and all the lights are on.
  8. Now check to see if the red light has turned off.
  9. After that, see if the red light turns off or not.
  10. All other lights should begin to blink in a few moments.
  11. Turn on your laptop or computer and try to connect it to the internet.
  12. Run a speed test, try to watch Spectrum TV, or open a couple of websites to check if the internet is working well or not.

This should resolve the red-light error on your Spectrum router. However, if the issue persists, it is time to contact customer support.

Get in Touch with Spectrum Customer Support

Since you have tried to solve the red-light problem of your router by yourself and it did not go away, you should let the professionals guide you through it. Seek out the customer support representatives of Spectrum and tell them the issue you are facing in as much detail as you can. They will guide you and solve the problem in real-time and hopefully your predicament will be over. 

Muhammad Asad Raza