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A Guide to Creating Effective Flyers

Because flyers are so versatile, they are an excellent marketing tool. Nearly anything can be advertised with a flyer! A flyer can be used for a variety of purposes, such as advertising an event or promoting a sale. They are simple to make and relatively affordable to use. Creating an effective flyer doesn’t require you to be an expert designer. Regardless of how much experience you have in design, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make the process much easier.

Decide What You Want to Achieve

You should set a goal before you start designing your flyer. For example, what message do you want to convey through your flyer? Your flyer has a limited amount of space, so you should make sure to make the most of it. After you establish a goal, it’s easier to determine what information you need to include and what you can leave out if space is limited. Make sure the information you present is not irrelevant. Creating an effective flyer begins with establishing your goal.

Consider Using a Template

flyer template

Remember that you are creating a print flyer when you are designing it. A distinction of this kind is important, as it affects not only the layout of your design but also the settings that you use. In order to ensure your design does not get cut off during printing, you should ensure you include bleed lines and margins of safety. Using flyer templates will make setting up these guides a whole lot easier if you’re not familiar with how they work. Verify that you are using CMYK rather than sRGB for your design. For digital designs, SRGB is fine, but when you’re printing, you’ll need to use CMYK for the most accurate color reproduction.

A Top-down Approach to Design

Flyers are read from the top down, like a page in a book, so it is logical to keep this in mind when creating them. Make sure that the most relevant information is at the top of your document and that the lesser-important information is at the bottom. Visual elements should also be positioned accordingly. In the design, the most impactful graphics and images should be located in the top third of the design, and their size and scale should reflect this hierarchy.

Embrace the Full Bleeding

The flyer will look even more polished and professional without a white border around its perimeter. By eliminating borders, your flyer will stand out from the millions of others on the market. You should ensure your flyer file is set up correctly if you choose to use a full-bleed flyer. It is possible to end up with an 18″ white border margin on all sides if you don’t specify full bleed and don’t use the correct template. There is a range of flyer layouts available from PhotoADKing, including full bleed and no full-bleed designs. 

Choose High-quality Elements


The success of your design is dependent on high-quality visuals, such as images. It is important that any visual elements you include in your design are relevant to the message and straightforward to understand. The odds are that someone will walk away and not give it a second thought if they are forced to guess what they are looking at. Create a design that captivates your audience by making sure every element is as good as the last. Any images included in printed designs should have a resolution of 300dpi.

The Key to Good Design is Contrast

Incorporating high contrasting visuals is a great technique for grabbing your viewer’s attention immediately. To grab the attention of your viewers, your flyer must have a strong call to action. There is a good chance the display will be placed in a high-traffic area, like a library or a coffee shop. It follows that your audience is likely on the go and won’t stop for anything. Your design should be engaging enough to not only stop your viewers in their tracks, but also potential viewers from afar.

Branding Should be Incorporated

flyer designs

It’s possible to have the most amazing flyer in your local coffee shop, but if people don’t know who posted it, they won’t know much about it. Your viewers should have no difficulty finding out who you are, where you are located, and how they can contact you or purchase your products. Including branding into your design make flyers an effective tool for increasing brand awareness.

Provide a Call to Action

You tell your audience what you want them to do with your call to action. It should be pretty straightforward, such as dialing a phone number or visiting your website. There are even QR codes that can be set up for them to scan that will direct them directly to the webpage you want. A shortened URL will make it easier for them to navigate to your website if you don’t choose a QR code. There’s a greater likelihood that a typo will be made or that they won’t even bother to bother with such a long URL.

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