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9 Tips to Promote Your Online Business to Greater Success

Promoting an online business is not easy. But you can follow these 9 tips and drive your business to greater heights of success. 

If you want to improve your online business, just go through the following paragraphs and follow the suggestions. Make sure you implement those strategies right away.

Re-evaluation of objectives

Take a notepad and pen to write down how you want to see your business a year from now. Be as specific in terms of figures as possible on the following aspects:

  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Followers or subscribers

You also should consider certain aspects of re-evaluating your goal and make an appropriate note on them. These include design, authority, lifestyle and happiness. Search engine marketers working in a topnotch SEO agency in London are of the opinion that such re-evaluation from time to time proves helpful remaining focused. Else, people often get stuck in the routine course of just doing things and forget the main objective. 

Promote Your Online Business

Take care of your homepage

As far as online business is concerned, the first impression makes a lot of difference. You don’t have more than 8 to 10 seconds to make a new visitor decide whether to stick around or leave, affecting your site bounce rate. So, what can be done to keep your new visitors attracted to your website?

Do a little role play. Virtually step into the shoes of your target audience and log into your site as a brand new visitor. Go to the homepage and take notes of the following:

  • What is the first thing that captures my attention?
  • Is it clear to me what the site is about without any click or scroll? 
  • Have I visited other sites identical to this before?
  • Am I being able to navigate the website easily?
  • What are the things that seem to have missed on this website?

Once you fill up answers of the 5 questions, you know the elements that can be added to improve your site. If the changes are easy enough, just carry them out yourself instantly. If you need your developer’s help for some of the changes, make a note and get them done as early as possible. 

Check and clarify crawl errors

Make use of Google Webmaster Tools to check errors on your website. You can also fix most of those errors right away. 

But first, you need setting up a Google Account and confirm your website address. Setting up the Google Account using a Gmail ID is better. In order to verify or confirm your website address, click on “add new site” and use an HTML page or meta placed on your server to get your website verified. Google will just follow suit. After your website is verified, click on the section labelled “Crawl Errors”. Google bot keeps track of the errors it finds on your website under the label “Crawl Errors”. Click on an error listed there and keep fixing it at a time. 

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Get your website graded

You can check your website’s health more thoroughly by getting it graded by sites like Website Grader. This service is free and provides factual, lengthy but easy to understand report on your website. Fix those errors immediately to provide better user experience to your visitors. 

Upload a video

Shoot a video with a different camera than the one connected to your laptop. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes and there you speak anything related to your blog. Once the video is done, upload it on YouTube. Include relevant keywords in the video title as well as in the tag section. Copy and paste the URL of your website in the first line of description for the video. Share the YouTube link on your social media profiles. When you do this for the first time, you may also be stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time. But stepping out of one’s comfort zone frequently is highly necessary to achieve real progress. Online business is no different and this is a good way to drive your business to higher success levels, suggest our SEO consultants. 

Convey thanks to 5 of your customers, readers and subscribers

You must be aware that going out of the way to just say thanks to someone for no specific cause can make someone’s day. These 5 individuals will definitely remember you and your brand a little longer and in addition to that, at least one of them may return one day in future and payback for your nice gesture. These out of turn gestures form the strong foundation of any successful customer-business relationship. 

Keep testing something or the other on your blog or website

Google Optimiser is a useful tool to split test anything that you consider important on your page. Even if your website isn’t selling anything, you can still test conversion rates for subscribership and click-through rates for the different links on your website. If you don’t know how to use this tool, there’s nothing to worry. There’re lots of resources available online to teach you the proper use.

Cut off the distractions

Cut off distractions on your website. Do away with unnecessary pop-ups and such other useless stuff that are actually your overhead in providing a smooth user experience on your website. Identify these objects and just get rid of them.  

Make sure to follow up with the audience

It is very important for your online business to maintain a constant follow up with the audience. If you keep asking your customers how your products or service can be further improved, they’ll never shy away from answering you. Email your previous customers or you can also publish a blog post seeking their suggestion. 

Start working on these tips to drive your online business to tower heights of success, suggest London-based SEO consultants

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