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9 Bedroom rug ideas you don’t want to miss out on
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9 Bedroom rug ideas you don’t want to miss out on

9 Bedroom rug ideas you don’t want to miss out on

You do not renovate a bedroom; update the space instead. You might think something is missing in your bedroom, or it needs some texture. Well, large furniture pieces are not always the solution. So, go for smoother options such as textured area rugs. Most of the online and offline area rugs stores have much variety that you might be missing out on. Now is the time to add more flavor and colors to your personal space.

Furthermore, an area rug can make all the difference in your bedroom regardless of its size. It does not matter if you have a sitting area or not, go and get a rug for your room that goes well with your bed set, floor, and curtains. 

Here are nine fantastic bedroom rug ideas that you do not want to miss this season:

  1. Large neutral rugs for master bedrooms
  2. Oceanic colors for small spaces
  3. Dark patterned area rugs
  4. Fancy rugs for luxury rooms
  5. Vintage rugs for hardwood floors
  6. Green rugs at the rugs store
  7. Grey rugs for smart rooms
  8. Abstract designs for bright rooms
  9. Fluffy bedroom rugs
  • Large neutral rugs for master bedrooms:

If you have a master bedroom; but do not want to fill it with furniture, go for large area rugs. Many people choose area rugs over carpeted rooms. Honestly, wall-to-wall carpeting is not a healthy decision. That is why pick large-sized rugs for your master bedrooms. Moreover, neutral area rugs are the perfect pick for a spacious room. So, place it the way that half of the bed sits on the rug, and the rest will complement the bed sheet and curtains. 

  • Oceanic colors for small spaces:

Blue and white plush rugs create an oceanic vibe in any room. In particular, if you have a small bedroom space, all you need is aqua blue or sea-blue rugs. In this way, you can brighten up the area, and the room will look bigger than it is. Moreover, blue rugs easily match your comforters and cushions.  

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  • Dark patterned area rugs:

Some bedrooms have dark themes. You might be thinking of adding a bright white rug to lighten up the texture. Well, no need to do that! If your room has enough natural or LED lights, opt for dark patterned area rugs that go under your furniture or the bed set. Dark patterns give an artistic vibe to the entire room- you can also choose two rugs to section the areas. 

  • Fancy rugs for luxury rooms:

Do you have a hotel-style luxury room? Fancy rugs are perfect for your bedroom. This fancy area rug collection is a delight to look at with its designs, patterns, colors, and plush texture. More so, it will add tiny but notable details to the space. Also, these rug pieces can fit in every room.

  • Vintage rug for hardwood floors:

Vintage rugs are the best deals to bring a homey feeling to your personal space. These beige, cream, gold, brown, and tan floral rugs will look stunning on your hardwood flooring. In addition, the intricate floral designs will look gorgeous with your wooden bed set.

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  • Green rugs at the rugs store:

Green is all you need in a room with a neutral interior. Whether you have a white, beige, or ivory home décor, green-colored area rugs will instantly brighten up the bedroom space. So, go and get some green rug pieces from any rugs store to break the monotony of your space. It will become the focal point of your otherwise stale room décor.  

  • Grey rugs for smart homes:

The grey apartments are becoming so popular among teenagers and adults alike that you cannot resist the charm. For that, grey rugs are the perfect choice to add flair to your bedroom. Plus, you can keep the walls dark grey and the curtains in navy to complement the plush grey area rug. When it’s grey, do not think twice!

  • Abstract designs for bright rooms:

No matter what time of the day it is, colorful designer rugs can make it worth the interior. So, go for abstract designs in soft area rugs to create an artistic vibe in your bedroom space. Also, these printed rugs shine bright when natural light shines on them. Likewise, these colorful rugs go perfectly with hardwood and tiled flooring equally. Feel the change in one go!

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  • Fluffy bedroom rugs:

If you do not prefer stepping on the cold floors first thing in the morning, you need fluffy area rugs. These rugs are ultra-soft underfoot. In addition, they are trim, compact, and comfortable. That is why you need this fabric in neutral colors to match the style and elegance of your bedroom space. These modern area rugs are all that you need to spruce up the place and wow the visitors.


Not just the living room, your bedroom also needs to look gorgeous with a few tweaks. As I said earlier, new furniture is not a budget-friendly solution. That is why you need to check out the modern rug pieces at rug stores like Rug Gallery. More so, make sure you are not missing out on large neutral rugs, blue rugs, abstract designs, fluffy area rugs, and dark patterned rugs. So, give your personal touch to the room and feel the change. Try these rug ideas!  

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