8 Ways Smart Marketers Use Custom-Printed Stickers for Cars as Advertising Tools

8 Ways Smart Marketers Use Custom-Printed Stickers for Cars as Advertising Tools

During the pandemic, many businesses had to chop their marketing budgets. Marketers had to find new cost-efficient ways to promote small-scale brands to local audiences. Thankfully, the most cost-effective marketing techniques aren’t “new.” Many “old-school” marketing techniques that are still very effective and cost-efficient are in high demand.

One popular cost-efficient marketing technique is using custom stickers for cars. For small-scale business owners, marketing is all about gaining local attention. That’s why eye-catching car decals and stickers are very useful tools for them. Here are eight ways smart marketers combine vehicles with custom stickers to promote their brands –

1. Building a Local Identity

Many reports have confirmed the fact that today’s customers make purchase decisions not based on logic but emotion. The graphics, images, etc., on custom stickers, make brand names more popular among customers. Once local shoppers develop familiarity with your brand, they’re likelier to do business with you. Step by step – custom stickers build brand loyalty in local audiences!

2. Positive Impressions 

Car stickers are not aggressive, invasive, or irritating. You can’t say the same about digital ads, TV ads, or even radio ads. That’s why customers who see your branded car stickers and decals leave with positive impressions of your brand. 

3. Instant Impact 

Modern-day consumers have packed schedules. They can’t read super-long marketing articles or watch long-format marketing videos. Car stickers, on the other hand, generate instant impacts. They feature easy-to-digest marketing content. Mix appealing visuals on your car stickers with simple and clear marketing messages. Your stickers will generate instant brand awareness!

4. Repeat Targeting

Repeat targeting with digital ads is a very complex and expensive process. Marketers have to pay extra cash to digital platforms to target the same types of consumers. On the other hand, repeat targeting with custom car stickers is super-easy. Just drive your company vehicles in the same locations every day!

Drive past hotspots, city centers, etc. Target areas where your target audiences hang out the most. If they see your company vehicle and your custom stickers a couple of times, they’ll become familiar with your brand.

5. Alert the Local Market About Seasonal Offers

This is the most underrated advantage of using custom stickers as advertising tools. Custom vinyl stickers are cheap. Business owners can order hundreds of custom stickers without spending too much. Custom-print seasonal offers, discounts, and other similar details on these stickers. Apply the custom-printed removable stickers to alert local audiences about discounts, offers, etc.

6. Create Brand Engagement

Modern-day consumers are more likely to remember high-quality graphics, images, etc. When they see well-designed stickers on company vehicles, they remember the brand names.

7. Use them For Multiple Years

Vinyl decals/stickers last for several years. Vinyl is UV-resistant, so these stickers don’t fade because of sunlight exposure. Smart marketers use low-cost vinyl stickers for seven to eight years.

8. Generate Leads

Many marketers custom-print URLs, QR codes, etc., on their vinyl auto stickers. These links help generate leads for the business. Plus, all leads generated from your vinyl auto stickers are trackable!

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