8 Mesmerizing Traditional Jewellery Styles of Kerala

Kerala wedding traditions include a serene bride dressed in gleaming Gold jewellery and stunning gemstones.

On her wedding day, every bride resembles a celestial entity, and the stunning wedding jewellery inspired by nature, community, and religion helps her to connect the modern world with Kerala’s ancient traditions.

Each stunning item of jewellery worn by a Kerala bride has its traditional significance. Many brides opt to combine family treasures with new items of their own, creating an intricate, individualized blend of the past and present.

Here are some traditional jewellery pieces of Kerala to consider adding to your bridal wardrobe, whether your particular taste is modern or traditional.

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The Kerala bride normally wears this exquisite necklace as one of her first items of bridal jewellery. The centre pendant is traditionally encrusted with coloured gemstones or diamonds and suspended from a broad gold chain. The central motif is an etching of the Goddess Lakshmi, which represents the bride’s and her family’s yearning for wealth and success.

Netti Chutti

This piece of maang tikka is a must-have for each Hindu bride’s bridal set. Some are basic, with two gold chains framing the forehead, while others are more complex, containing stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Additional hair adornments, such as the Jadanagam, or “hair serpent,” worn down the bride’s plaited braid, are also popular choices.

Mullamottu Mala or Pichimottu

This gorgeous necklace is inspired by jasmine buds. The Mullamottu mala has a more rounded motif, whilst the Pichimottu mala has an elongated bud motif.

It’s usually longer than most other necklaces and provides an attractive line that complements the bride’s royal look. Hindus consider jasmine flowers to be an ancient sign of beauty, love, purity, and wealth.

This style is one of the most important Kerala traditional jewellery styles.

Lakshmi Mala

The Goddess Lakshmi is a staple of Hindu weddings, and this necklace honours the harbinger of both material and spiritual wealth. This necklace is a popular choice for Kerala weddings, and it usually consists of little gold coins strung together tightly. To invoke the Goddess Lakshmi’s grace on the marriage and bride, each coin is carved with a small representation of her.

Nagapada Thali

The centrepiece of this heavy necklace is shaped like a King Cobra’s hood. This particular piece is a classic feature of Kerala bridalwear, and it’s made of gemstones or coloured glass placed in a gold frame. The snake represents eternity as well as the three most powerful powers in the universe: creation, preservation, and destruction in Hindu culture. It is a symbol to be admired rather than feared.

Kirmani Mala

It is normally made out of an elaborate pattern of black and gold beads with a gold mandala in the centre, and it is one of the largest necklaces that a Kerala bride may wear. The black and gold beads, also known as the “Mangalsutra,” are stitched together to symbolize the union of husband and wife, two souls on a journey together.


This is a waist belt designed to draw attention to the bride’s slim shape. For Hindu brides, it is generally etched with elaborate designs of numerous deities, while for Muslim brides, it is written with nature motifs. It can be encrusted with diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, although some modern brides prefer the more delicate aesthetic of multiple thinner chains connected.


These enormous, bell-shaped earrings exist in a variety of forms and are linked to spiritual progress and social standing. However, some modern brides choose a more subtle look, opting for “Thoda,” a broad, stud-style earring. These are often embellished with diamonds, pearls, rubies, or emeralds, and they lend a sensuous touch to the bride’s gown.

Such Kerala traditional jewelry is simply amazing and adds to the beauty of the wearer and boosts her confidence.

It just adds beauty to her on her special occasion that is the day of the wedding of the woman. Kerala is identified based on such traditional art and these amazing types of jewellery not only make the bride look elegant but also allow her to flex amongst her family members and near and dear ones. It helps her to outshine amidst a crowd of hundreds.