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7 TOP RSTP Viewer For Window (2022)

RSTP system design for the communication system including entertainment, offices works, social media channels. Utilizing RSTP, you can record the video, cut it, pause it, and stream it on different media platforms. Columbia University professor built it, known as a REAL STREAMING TIME PROTOCOL. 

It acts as a remote that you can control everything during live streaming. Video producers first connect with RSTP, then the system connects with the server, and after that, the video goes to the client.

The specific players and software make it easy for you to play RTSP streams from IP cameras and other sources. With IP cameras, you can configure their settings such as the model, IP address, port number, protocol, and so forth.

Many offer the option to record and save RTSP streams.RTSP uses a media player to serve as a spur. They are simple to use and have intuitive interfaces. Here are the Software that can allow you to watch the live stream.


The Wowza Media Server will simplify the process of streaming audio and video over your home network.The software is multiplatform and commercial. Users can stream multimedia files over their network quickly and instantly with this application. 

Several different features make Wowza Media Server suitable for use in large organizations. You can create unique and helpful video messaging applications and services. 

Wowza Transcoder, Wowza DRM, Wowza StreamLock, and Wowza nDVR are some of the extensions available, which will enhance your multimedia streaming experience. Wowza Media Server is a platform-independent application that works on any operating system that supports Java Runtime Environment technologies.


Playing more types of media files than any other player, VLC Player is open-source freeware. In terms of features and performance, VLC Player has managed to remain at the top of the list. Several file types can be played by VLC Player by default, and the program is easy to install.

VLC Player often succeeds where Windows Media Player and Windows Media Player fail. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can download the VLC Player. You can play internet radio and podcasts with VLC Player, and you can record audio and video sources onto your PC.

With VLC and your browser, you can download videos from YouTube and a few other sites. Simply, copy and paste the URL. YouTube, for instance, has the following URL:Stream is open on the network.

  • Click Play in the player after pasting the URL.
  • Paste the long URL in your address bar into your browser. 
  • The video file will now play in your browser.
  •  By doing a Save As, you can save the video file to your desktop.

You’ll need to download and install a Desktop App emulator for your computer if you want to install and use the RTSP Viewer app on your PC or Mac. Features of RSTP viewer.An RTSP player is this simple.RTSP is used by IP cameras, video servers (Streaming Server). With the camera list, you can run to touch.  

There are several streaming protocols supported, including RTSP, RTP, UDP, HTTP, etc.The streaming of video and audio is supported.

  • 5K player

A simple media player with many tools and features, 5KPlayer has a country list. Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, they work quickly. You can stream live camera feeds from different cameras provided by your IP. It also allows you to play YouTube videos.

Navigating and using it is easy. 

To play the RTSP stream, select the live module and the RTSP stream URL. 5KPlayer also includes simple controls like pause, skip, next, previous, seek bar, etc. Furthermore, you can rotate the image, take screenshots, etc. There is a user-friendly interface and a constructive layout in the interpreter.


You can play RTSP video streams with RealPlayer, a media player. Start playing it by selecting File > Open File and entering the RTSP stream URL.This player also offers all the usual playback controls, such as a seek bar, volume control, and a view window.


Happytime RTSP Client is designed to serve as an RTSP client for desktop computers. Also, it plays multiple streams simultaneously and supports numerous video and audio codecs. Offline reconnection is another support. 

The program is compatible with almost all camera models on the market, and it is compatible with multiple platforms. It is possible to make many connections at once with the help of HAPPYTIME RSTP CLIENT.

The application can play multiple streams at the same time, and the main window layout can customize. Users can also create their own RTSP stream layout using the Happy time RTSP Client.

Last But Not Least

We intend to provide the best RSTP viewer for the window in 2022. This article is composed after complete research. I believe it’ll help you in your communication and streaming. But, still, if you have any doubts, you can ask us in the comment section. It will be a pleasure for us.


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