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7 Things You Can Do in Sydney on a Splendid Weekend

Sydney is a vibrant culinary and cultural hub. A thriving confluence of cultures, arts and cuisine, it is much sought-after as one of the top 5 places to have the best nightlife in Australia. Leaving the 9-5 stressors of the week, this “Emerald City” brings you events, clubbing and delectable gourmet experiences, parties, and much more every weekend. So if you’re new to Sydney, or someone planning a special weekend for your loved one, there are several things you can enjoy here.

The Harbour bar cruise, Opera house, and the seafood buffet in Sydney are something that everyone should try at least once. But that’s not all! Explored below is a list of places you must visit in Sydney on the weekend:

1.     Harbour Sunset Dinner Cruise

Before heading into the Saturday night, the sunset dinner cruise offers you a scenic and beautiful view with Australian dining. With a 3-course meal, 2 hours long cruise, and a 360-degree waterfront, it is a place to enjoy with friends and family. 

2.     Vivid Lights Festival

If you’re around the time of the Vivid lights, music, and ideas festival, you are in for a treat. It is sure to charm you and to enjoy the lights being showcased on Sydney’s known buildings, which is something you should not miss out on! It is also suggested to see these lights through the cruise to avoid the crowds gathered around it. Click here

3.     Taronga Zoo Night Stay

If you want to wake up to the sound of animals and have an incredible wildlife experience, this is the place for you. It also offers you fine dining, an overnight tour of the zoo, and views of the harbour, making all of it sound like a beautiful dream.

4.     Axe Throwing

If you and your friends are looking for a night full of adventure, here is something that might interest you. Axe throwing is an indoor sport where the professionals guide you to understand the basics of axe throwing, and you’ll be a pro in no time. It is also an excellent activity for date nights or birthday parties. For more information

5.     Escape Hunt

Not every weekend should be about endless shopping and looking at beautiful places. Sometimes it is also about enjoying offbeat experiences with friends and wrecking your brain for a game. As such, Escape Hunt offers you and your friends (typically a group of 2-5) thrilling escape rooms with not-so-easy clues and 1 hour. So if indoor activities like these are something you are up for, you should check them out.

6.     Open-Kitchen Buffets

Most restaurants elsewhere don’t offer live, interactive, and engaging open-kitchen buffets. But when you’re in Sydney, so make the most of these like a true Sydneysider! Open-Kitchen buffets make the restaurant experience better where the diners can observe how their food is prepared by the culinary experts and learn things they didn’t know before. Moreover, the seafood buffet in Sydney and the Euro-Asian cuisine are a few things the city is known for.

7.     Secret Bar Crawl

Go on a journey to explore the city’s finest hidden bars with a crowd filled with positive energy and a tour guide who’ll tell you the history of each bar you visit. Meanwhile, this activity is available on Thursdays and Saturdays only.

So for a wonderful weekend in Sydney, take your time to explore the city’s finest places and help yourself engage with unique culinary and local adventure experiences.