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7 Easy Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

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Every 12 minutes, someone in the Australian continent kicks the bucket due to heart failure. That constitutes about 43,000 odd people a year, and the numbers have been rising every year since 2013.

Even more stunning than these numbers is that these cardiovascular diseases, in the majority of the cases, can be averted with treatment from any cardiologist in sydney. The issue is that the majority of us are not taking steps in that direction. 

The Simple Seven

Studies by Sydney cardiologists have shown that people at the topmost risk of getting cardiovascular disease can lower their risk by about 80% by taking a few simple precautionary measures. 

Yes, 80% – horrifying, right? And these steps taken do shoot down the chance of heart attacks. If you take these seven steps and keep them in check, you will be reducing the risk of stroke by half, lower the risk of cancer by one by three, and give yourself the best shot at avoiding mental illness. Any cardiologist in sydney will stand by these seven simple steps.

This looks too good to be true, isn’t it? You have every right to be dubious of such rattling affirmations. You might have heard about the “miraculous cures” that are largely nothing but scams, but these seven measures are not bogus– and they will not come at the cost of hundreds and thousands of dollars. In reality, they are not so sophisticated either. The Australian Heart Association (AHA) calls them “The Simple Seven of Life”.

The seven simple steps that can save your life – or the life of your loved ones are:

  • Stay physically robust. 

You must engage in one hundred twenty minutes of medium physical activity or 80 minutes of vigorous activities per week.

  • Consume only a healthy diet.

You may come across many definitions here, but in common, this refers to a plant-based diet that sets aside consumables rated high in refined grains (like white flour), added sugar, and preservatives.

  • Do not smoke.

If you are a smoker, efficient and effective tactics and medicines help give up smoking completely. 

  1. Ensure a healthy weight.

Although Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 and 25 Kg/m2 is utilised for research purposes and studies, BMI is not the most appropriate measure of unhealthy weight for most people. Waist circumference would be a better measure for unhealthy weight, particularly if higher than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women.

  1. Maintain the blood pressure in a healthy range.

Lower than 120/80 mm Hg would be ideal. 

  • Maintain healthy cholesterol numbers.

It would be best to aim here for non-HDL cholesterol of < 100 mg/dL (and much lower for those already suffering from any cardiovascular disease). 

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar numbers.

Keep your blood sugar less than 100 mg/dL. 


Don’t you wish you could give this significant information to those 45,000 people who will bite the dust this year because of heart disease BEFORE they face an issue? You can inform them and awaken them so that they can take charge of their health and turn their life around. 

If you have cardiovascular diseases or are concerned about the risk, it is crucial to know that you can determine your destiny. You can take charge, which will prevent you from ending up being in one of those 44,000. Note that there is no need for perfection. Every complementary health measure you take will notably bring down the risk and enhance the quality of your life.

There is proof that the possibility of cardiovascular diseases and strokes can be largely eliminated. The power to do so rests solely in your hands. You must also consult a cardiologist in sydney if you have any symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.

If you follow at least the majority of the steps regularly, you will see you will do considerably well—if you don’t, it is highly likely that struggle will be inevitable.